Ideas and Validation February 21, 2020

Pick colors. Find clothes that match.


I built this prototype of an idea I had a few weeks ago when I had trouble finding socks that matched the shirt I was going to wear. Currently it just has a few different clothing categories from Amazon, but it could work with any online store or other products (e.g. furniture)

Check it out at this link and let me know what you think?

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    Yeah i think it‘s cool too, do you have any plans were you want to go from now?
    To be precise, are there any specific customers you thought about while making it or are you just building a side project to see where it leads?

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      Not sure where I'm going next. Trying to validate if it is worth continuing to work on.

      I have my affiliate code on the links so if I had decent SEO maybe I could start getting conversions. Haven't figured out what to try to rank for though yet, or if I should try a different approach altogether.

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        Oh I haven’t thought of the affiliate links, I like that

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    Okay, this is pretty darn cool. But most especially I think it's a pretty neat idea.
    The reason I think this is because of the amount of times I've wished for this very thing. You have no idea.
    I'm thinking if I've found myself wishing for an app like this so often, a lot other people have too.
    Good job and best of luck!

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    I think it's really cool! Javascript?

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      Thanks! It is a server-side rendered React App with Next.js

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