May 22, 2019

Pinterest update: 10 Million Monthly Views.

David Delahunty @daviddel

Across my 6 accounts, I'm currently hitting just over 10 million monthly views. The seeds I planted over the past 2 years are starting to grow.

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    Oh, this is cool.

    How do you manage multiple accounts? It's on my todo list to look into that.
    And how much traffic / users / sales does it lead to?

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      It's pretty straight forward, Pinterest allows you to add multiple accounts so it's a doddle to switch.

      Pinterest would be my second highest traffic source, too many people sleep on Pinterest.

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        Do you find different types of content do better for you on Pinterest, compared to your Instagram accounts?

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          I usePinecho for automating content. Check it out, it's free :D

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            Awesome, thanks for the tip!

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    Would love to learn more from your success.

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    Wow, amazing! Great job David, keep it up.


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      My man :)

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    Wow, that's awesome! I know a lot of people get a ton of traffic from there. What's your general Pinterest strategy? Do you use any tools like Tailwind? And do you post links to your own blog posts, or do you also pin links to external websites?

    I will pin new blog posts as I write them, but it's a pretty slow pace.

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      I used to use Tailwind but I figured out how to replicate their actions for free. I use imacros for chrome for auto following and then Pinecho for automating content. All you need to grow is those 2 tools :)

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    Wow, congrats - great referral stream. Thanks for sharing David.

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      Cheers Scott :)