Landing Page Feedback February 26, 2020

Pivoting - need feedback on the new landing page

Fredrik @fredrik

You all know how it is, when you spend too much time on your landing page your mind start taking things for granted. I would very much appreciate some feedback on our new landing page - just fire away :)

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    Probably should have left the link here as well - I guess the lack of sleep with the new baby at home is starting to take its toll.

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    Hi @fredrick. I am a dad to a 7 yr old. Some of the ideas on your site were good.

    I guess your competition for the content are articles like these.

    As for the community, you could try with an FB group initially so you are focused on community building rather than product building. As one of my client who runs multiple fb (closed) groups .. instead of inviting people to join our party (i.e. our website), we go to where the party is (i.e. Facebook)

    Best of luck!

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    Design: Love the site and design. Sometimes the cliparts don't seem they fit in a theme. Did you get a designer for this?

    Concept: neat idea, not sure if I'd use it though. I am a dad. May be a community of dads. But I live in a remote place where most dads don't seem techy.

    Best of luck to you. It seems everyone is better at designing sites than I am (mine is I'll deffo borrow some inspiration.

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      Hey, thanks for you feedback and feel free to borrow the design :)
      I actually found the art on - they have loads of good stuff.

      It's really interesting to hear that you focus on the community part being "techy" - we are actually trying to inspire dads to find fun things to do by being able to see what other dads are doing with their kids, and also sending out weekly personalized tips. But its true, if its a really remote place we might not be able to find that many things to do near you, unless you add some and share with your fellow dads ;)

      Have a great weekend!

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    The site? I think it's clean and pretty clear. And, you've made it obvious what you deliver (as an option)... like ✉️!

    Cool idea!

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      Thanks for the feedback!

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        no sweat! i'm here to help. :)

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    Hi! Great landing. Without unnecessary cognitive load, really clear.

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      Thanks for the feedback!

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    I am a father to a two year old. I like it! Hits the cord with 'Going to the same playground'.

    A few unanswered questions:

    (1) I wonder how this will work in my home country Japan. Meeting dad friends in Sweden sounds cool, but not so close. -> A global community of dads, etc.

    (2) I understand the bot portion. How does "Connect with other dads" work?

    Personally, I think the landing page is past sufficient for you to start pushing the product to see how it runs in the real world.

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      Hey - thanks for the feedback!
      Regarding connecting with other dads.
      The idea is that when you check-in and say what you did last weekend with the kids, we can use this information and together with other data points match you with similar dads that are also doing check-ins in your city. We could even start matching just based off the location you add when signing up but we know that building a community is really hard. Thats why we want to provide value with the localized tips that the dad-bot will find and deliver to your inbox.

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      P.S. I recommend starting Twitter early. If you miss the first wave of users or PR, it looks like your Twitter account has no followers. Takes extra work if you do it later.

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        Good tip!

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    Hi Fredrik,

    Overall, I like it. The page design is solid, and I like how consumer-centric the copy is. I would see if you can add a little more about the features. You paint a picture of why you should use the product, but you don't go into much detail into how the product solves that problem.

    Feel free to pick my brain if you have other questions.


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      Hey John, I just added some sections further down on the page that describes the features - what do you think?

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        That's definitely better. Keep us updated on whether that improves your conversion rate or not.


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      Thanks for the feedback John! I will try to add some more details on the features.

      I will come back and pick your brain when I'm back from an excursion with the kids :)