Landing Page Feedback May 24, 2019

Pixelcheetah - Analytics using HTTP requests


Hey IH, look what I've built!

Few months ago I needed an address I can send requests to and have the requests saved in a database I can run SQL queries on.

When I haven't found something like that online I decided to build Pixelcheetah.

Pixelcheetah allows you to track anything by making HTTP requests to your pixel address. The query parameters are mapped to database columns and you get full SQL access to your data.

It's already being used by a few performance marketing companies (as tracking with a pixel is what they need).

It's completely serverless so it doesn't experience downtime and it can scale endlessly (100B/day is the highest so far).

Hope you find it as useful as I do, I'd love to get your feedback.

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    Very cool.

    I would add the logos of the companies using it, a features section, testimonials section, add a CTA to your pricing section and a CTA below the FAQ.

    Is serverless cheaper? Surely scaling it up and down would work out cheaper.