Platform to "build in the open"?

I am working on a project that I want to post updates to key constituents -- advisers & possible investors.

Eventually I may want to build "in the open" in front of the public.

What's a good platform to do this? In my head, it would look like Kickstarter, minus funding stuff. I want to easily create pages, post updates, allow comments.

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    Your project & the "build in the open" seem to be two different things.

    For a tight community for sharing updates, I think https://tribe.so/ works quite well.

    For building in public, yes, hope my guide mentioned by @LexPaval is helpful :)

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    IH itself works too.

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      Thanks -- like, putting posts up here to get feedback? Or is there some other functionality?

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        You can create a post as a milestone of your project and people will give you feedback. Also, there are many groups by topics.

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    Not sure if it's interesting, I built my own platform to share what I work on: https://brain.rubini.solutions/done

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      I quite like what you built. And clicking around, I was encouraged & impressed by your honesty about the journey. Here's to a great 2021!

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    You can use the product section of IH to do this. Just add your product there, and it's automatically linked to your profile.

    Another platform I found recently that does something similar is Makerlog. Here you can post updates about anything you currently work on. It also has seamless integration with Twitter.

    Twitter is also an excellent platform to practice this building in public habit.

    You should also check this guide created by @kevon, it has lots of valuable materials around this topic.

    P.S. Welcome to the club!

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    Whatever is low friction and fun to do. The hardest part is just sticking with it and not feeling like a chore. For example; I find that making a quick Loom video is way less friction than writing a blog. I can send the video via a blog/newsletter like Substack.

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    Check out Taskord - (https://taskord.com) - I found it recently via Dev.to and it's actually pretty cool - there are a few new projects in the early stages building publicly there, it could become one of the main places to "build in the open" online :)

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      Interesting -- thanks, I will explore it!

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    Sounds like a blog to me 🤷🏻‍♀️

    WordPress, Ghost, Webflow, Bearblog.dev, etc

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      Thanks -- I am hoping for something a bit more specific than a blog, I think. But appreciate you reading & suggesting.

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