Looking to Partner Up April 5, 2020

Please contact me in case you are looking for a tech guy for your project. :)

Oleg Abrazahev @seyfer

Hello, I'm a very experienced developer with 10 years in the industry with experience on back-end, front-end, full-stack and dev teams management, in the office or remote. Looking for a partner with a great idea and knowledge in his industry. I would like to help to build his project for a CTO role and co-founder shares in exchange. Please contact me in case you are looking for a tech guy for your project. :)

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    Nice to meet you Oleg, not sure if you've already found a project to join but wanted to reach out and get your thoughts on the arrangement I'm offering (see post) - let me know if you're interested and we'll arrange a time to talk


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      Maybe PM me or email me about your ideas and we will discuss it?

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    Hi Oleg,
    Looking for devs for a project I recently launched in beta: hyperwork.co
    If interested let me know. Thanks!

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      It looks very interesting. I only doubt if the income would be stable or does it allow part-rime? I mean in case if I work as one of the developers.

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    Hey Oleg! Working on Spred - Spred is a SaaS platform that allows resellers to upload, manage, analyze, and sell your items to all peer to peer marketplaces - including Ebay, Poshmark, Mercari and Depop, all in one place.

    Think of it like the "Hootsuite/Buffer" for resellers. Let me know what you think :) https://usespred.com/

    Email: [email protected]

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      I will write you an email

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    Would you be interested in a revolutionary platform that has never been done. It will help with the massive unemployment and dire economic conditions we are currently seeing worldwide. I can share more details about the project if you would like to know more :)

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      I'll email you

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    Hey Oleg I'm working on a marketplace that connects solar installers with solar distributors. I have over 5 Years of experience in the solar industry. Let's talk!

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      yes, sending email

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    what are your interests?

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      is this question about tech or about the industry?
      in tech - all the modern JS stack, front, and back. Also huge Exp. with PHP.
      Industry - if it is promising, will consider anything. Personally now into dating and adult apps. Want to dive into mobile dev for that.

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    Sorry if I have not answered to someone but I have found a project to work on already.

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    Hi Oleg, do you have expertise in Ruby? I may have something exciting to share. If yes, please drop me a note at [email protected]

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      Not really :)