Landing Page Feedback August 9, 2020

Please criticise my product landing page

Sebastián Benítez @ds9soft

My product FreelanceStation is seeing little conversion from visits to downloads, so I think the landing page is not working. I had a different page a month ago, simpler and with less colors, so I’m unsure if it’s just a slow month or my change is worse.

New Landing Page
Old Landing Page

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    Hi, I think too that the colors contrast is off (purple and blue uptop). Also, I think the arrangement of the software features is kinda confusing both logically and visually (aligning the text with the feature may work better).

    If I were you I'd take down the "about x software" and add gifs for the features to give the end user a better idea of what this is all about. And maybe add some testimonies or tweets from previous customers.

    I think the software itself is pretty neat, it just needs better presentation. In conclusion, I'd say A/B test the heck out of everything, eventually you'll find what's working for the majority of your customers. Good luck!

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      Thank you! I’ll revert part of the design to the previous one, which I actually liked more and also improve the layout, perhaps simplify the feature descriptions.

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    I think that purple (?) color in the background is too intense. On the other hand, with white background it looks a lot like apple website. Maybe try something in between?

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      Thank you! I guess you are right. The older more Apple like converted better I suppose.

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