Landing Page Feedback November 20, 2020

Please Critique My Homepage Design

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    Hi @pvijeh,

    I think the biggest problem I see is that if I opened your homepage in the office, I'd have to rapidly close the tab. My wife has already questioned why I'm watching a video of a topless muscular man.

    The copy itself is very effective. I hadn't read your comment and straight away I thought "Oh, this is a competitor for Huel".

    My biggest question though is why your product is better than Huel or Soylent? They already have a strong reputation, so you would need to promise something special to make me choose your product over theirs. Is it cheaper? Is it more nutritious? Will it turn my potato body into the chistled god in your video?

    Apart from that, it's excellent. You just need a USP to that will draw me away from those known brands.

    I hope this helps


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    Here you go @pvijeh. I'm doing free first impression videos this week, so went ahead and did one for Love the concept and the name (even though I don't know how to pronounce it). Think there is a lot of strong opportunity here, but could use some clarity. Explained in video.

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    Hey, designer here that worked on hundreds of landing pages for products similar to yours.

    I took some time and re-designed your hero section, feel free to use it if you want:


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      Good job, this looks much better!

      The next section should be the WHY they're better than the competition!

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    Hi! I am a UX designer and it's my first comment on IndieHackers. First, I had to wait a few sec until the page is loaded without any indication on what's going on. I thought to quit it, but then the video appeared. Next, the font in menu is 10px on all screen sizes, which makes it hard to read. There's only one indicator that you are hovering over the text: pointer. You could add some color change to it so it doesn't feel static. The text on the video looks a bit blurred (I have resolution 1440 x 900). It's also not accessible to people with disabilities. You can put video without text, and add text on top of the video. I like how the site looks on mobile. The use of the icons and section separation is done very well. Text "boosts performance of body & mind" doesn't match the previous two titles with capitalization in some words. Overall, great job! 👍

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    I have been working on a side project which is a product similar to Soylent or Huel, but only made with premium plant-based ingredients. I am an engineer by trade, but designed the home page myself and wrote all of the copy.

    Im looking for feedback on ways the design / content / copy can be improved.

    Please take a look at let me know what you think.

    • Does the design appeal to you? why or why not?
    • Would you buy this product? why or why not?
    • What questions have I left unanswered?
    • What would you suggest adding, or removing?

    Thanks and I appreciate the feedback.


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      I'm going to have to agree with Jon here, I think the site looks great, but that video at the top gave me a similar lizard brain reaction.

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