Beta Testing September 24, 2020

Please help with testing news aggregator

Slava Ganzin @slavaGanzin

Hello indie hackers.

Please, help me to beta test my first startup.
Post an issue to me (in app or here) and get one year free subscription to service.

Any suggestions, ideas and bugs of course are welcome! is single place for all your interests. You can subscribe to any theme or author and forget about algorithmic feeds and searching blogs in google.

Clean reader view.
Easy search: like wikipedia, but all over internet.
No ads. No tracking.
Works offline.
Opens last article on exact same place where you stop reading.
Handoff between devices.
No registration.

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    Hey Slava, just looked at your content aggregator platform - we're working on FeatherFeed ourselves. A browser plugin wich recommends the best content, so your header sparked my interest.

    My feedback so far:

    1. I like the card/tile overview, but they all said "Null" so I had no clue what they were about.
    2. The hamburger menu was something I wasn't expecting to behave as such. I was expecting a menu item to appear underneath the hamburger.
    3. The homepage said "for me" but I don't understand why it's specifically for me as I haven't logged in or given it any feedback on what I like
    4. I like how you represent the articles and the font (I'm not a designer btw )
    5. the site behaves sometimes a bit fast/ is sensitive to movements so I see a lot happening.
    6. I'm now on automotives and there are 5 articles. I scroll down but see an empty screen with no visual clue I reached the end.
    7. It's not easy to go back to the homescreen as it "remembers" the clicks, so I go through "automotive" "techblogs with an actual article I opened" "techblog overview" "homescreen".

    Hope this helps! And feel free to ping me if you need clarification on anything, happy to help!

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      Thanks Eveline. For your bug reports and overall review.

      I registered for your beta and will give my feedback ASAP

      1. 1

        Thats so kind, you're willing to return the favor! Thank you Slava!

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