Landing Page Feedback October 21, 2019

Please let me know if this is helpful at all -

Michael Bis @bismich

I am releasing my stash of resources so new solo entrepreneurs don't have to waste time and money (two things most people don't have in abundance).The list above is what I used and it does not contain affiliates links. I also included my Checklists ( is this worth 4.99?)

Thank you

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    Hi Michael,
    My first question was if your market/industry is related to mine. B2B needs a lot more focus on sales where B2C is all marketing/growth hacking. Apps are different then IRL companies.

    There's a lot content. Some looks universal where some might be more important to different types of businesses. My problem was where to I start and why pick one path over each other.

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      @puppybits Thanks for your input...This is just a general list for those who have absolutely no idea how to start. You seem a bit more advanced, therefore the list might not be helpful to you.

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