Landing Page Feedback March 29, 2020

Please nitpick my micro SaaS landing page, it can be better


So my invoicing SaaS homepage does seem to convert at least 10% of new users into registered users. About 5% of those users go on to upgrade to a premium plan, based on the past three months.

This is aimed at small businesses and freelancers.

Please tell me what you think is right or wrong about it. All feedback will be much appreciated!

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    My first impression is that the UI looks a bit too crowded and there's no clear separation between different sections of your page. Even just giving each section a slightly different background would go a long way, but now it just looks like a giant wall of text.

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      I completely agree, especially the large area of white lower down on the page. Thanks for the feedback, I shall address that!

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    Looks pretty nice Jethro.

    Small UI thing: I noticed the gray buttons in the top nav don't really look like buttons because they blend into the header.

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      Thanks! Those were meant to be more like text links so as to not draw too much attention unless someone was looking for them. Though, I will play around and see what actual buttons look like.

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    Hi Jethro,
    Kudos on getting initial customers!
    I think the answer lies there, ask your (paying) customers one question, and one question only - why are you paying for my service (and not your competitors)?
    The common answer is what you should feature, emphasize and isolate in your landing page.
    For instance, if they all say that it's simple and fast - that's what your landing page should say - "Online Invoicing, Simple and Fast".
    As suggested by other commenters, a landing page is a simple message to whet your appetite. Then add other pages (features, howto, pricing) that go into detail.
    This page is your elevator pitch. Imagine a regular elevator and not the Empire State Building ;-)
    Hope this helps,

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    Most of my feedback has been said already, biggest thing for me is the amount of unnecessary info above the fold (as the site loads, before you scroll). The menu and big logo take up most of the screen. Maybe make the menu buttons smaller and in a row, then you can have your key benefit load right at the top.

    I like the idea and great that you have some conversions already. Maybe ask those people what made them convert? And how they heard about you? Maybe also have a section on data security?

    Best of luck with it!!

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    As many of the others have mentioned the website looks too crowded, The first thing I noticed is that text within your hero section is very hard to read because of the background image, I can read the Heading text though. As for the image next to it, it would be better if there was a video instead of it.

    Another thing is the pricing table gets mixed up with all the content, It would be better if you could create the proper distinction between each section.

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    One piece of advice I enjoyed from "Don't Make Me Think" is to treat websites not as pamphlets, but as billboards. People are going to zoom past your website. When you assume your reader is going to look at your website for 5 seconds - because that's usually how people browse the internet - you begin to cut out a ton of noise and add hierarchy.

    So you could blow up "Online Invoicing, Simplified" and maybe add two sentences underneath that describes your product/how it works.

    As for your feature image - it's nice to see the actual product, but you can reserve that photo for other pages or wait to introduce it later. Instead, it may be better to show a simple svg that conveys the idea - maybe

    And then for all the details underneath, I think of ways to cut it down while making it digestible. A sentence and a picture usually works for me. People like stories - maybe bringing them through the story of making an online invoice would help people see how simple it really is.

    I hope these are some helpful tips! I practice everything I've said and it's helped me a lot in landing page designing.

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    It's a lot of information. Does all of it need to be on the landing page? (FYI: I don't know how to make a great landing page either).