Please Review my Landing Page 👋

Dear IndieHackers,

Today I am sharing my LP for your review. I am rather new to web technologies and building websites, designing UIs and writing copies would be my worst skills probably. But here I am working on my dream 1 step at a time and sharing the first version of my LP for your valuable feedback and criticism.


Please dont hold back and be brutally honest :)

My Background :
I have more than a decade of experience working as Supply Chain business analyst and Consultant for some of the largest supply chains in the world.
For several years now, it has been my dream to use this knowledge in a simplified manner to help and support small e-com businesses who are being dominated by the behemoths.

This pandemic and the resulting lock down gave a sudden gush of wind (free time) in my sails to finally start working on this project.
It was not going to be easy as I had to also learn the web-technologies to implement my ideas, but really glad that I have started working on it at last.

Was making good progress with the app but things soon got busier at work and my full time job again took away most of my time.

Thanks to IndieHackers I realized the need for a landing page and started working on it in parallel during some free time.

Today I am sharing the LP with IH for review.

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    thanks for the follow on IH!

    ... first, too much text. too many colors. i'm confused as to what i'm supposed to focus on!!

    1. 2

      Thanks for your valuable feedback John. What in your opinion should I fix here ?

      -Remove the highlights (Reason i added this was to grab the attentions of folks to key words of their interest so that they are drawn to read the rather long texts)
      -Use monochrome or dual chrome images ?
      -Remove the hero image completely ?
      -And if i have to reduce some texts from which sections they should be ?

      1. 2

        give it a go. it's your site, you know best! i just think it was generally too busy.

  2. 1

    Hi Deepuj,

    I like the content of the landing page. There are quite some issues with layout, typography and the use of colors. Let's tackle them one by one.

    1. Typography

    Each section heading should have the bigger font-size and font-weight. For example, Use cases, Features and Integrations are all h1 level headings.

    The headings that follow h1 should be h2 and with relatively smaller font-size and font-weights.

    Choose only one color for your headings. Black is preferable. Similarly choose one bright color for highlighting the heading words. Do not highlight more than two words in a heading or a sub-heading. It loses the meaning of highlighting if more and more text is being highlighted.

    As a general rule for highlighting, do not highlight more than 2 words for an h1 heading and not more than 1 word for any other sub-headings (h2, h3).

    1. Layout

    Make the videos in the use cases section fit side by side. Currently it is taking a lot of space.

    Features section needs to be cut text by a lot. Write small sub-headings (max 4-5 words) and small paragraph with (max 2 sentences). Make it easier for the potential customer to skim the content.

    Use more margin between individual features.

    The integrations section has a disconnect from the whole page. It needs more life. Check integration sections of Slack or any other SaaS company for ideas to spice it up.

    Also, I think it's better to move the newsletter subscription section into the curved blue footer. It will make it pop more.

    Hope this helps. Once you integrate any of these that you seem fit, we can have a round 2 for further improvement.

    Best of luck!

    1. 1

      Hey @thearslankhalid

      Truly appreciate such detailed feedback. Lot of points for me to work upon. Sure, once I incorporate all these points will come for a 2nd round :) .
      Again, cant thank you enough for the help.

      1. 1

        Always here to help.

        Good luck with your product.

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