Landing Page Feedback May 17, 2019

Please Review my Landing Page for a Google Sheets Add-on for Engineers!

Daniel Kuntz @GhostWrench


Will reciprocate any help given here with either a landing page / product impression / whatever you want (within reason of course :).


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    Thank you so very much for the advice @dmontooth, @misterhtmlcss, @Vokail & @milozo.

    I have updated my site and hopefully the following missing elements are now in place:

    • Removed all references to "Home", evidence that I am a WordPress noob

    • Added an attention grabbing headline to the main page

    • Added a "call to action" which links to the GSuite installation page

    • Added pricing information

    • Added a slide show with screenshots from the actual program along with descriptions of the functions being exercised (with a bit of a marketing twist to them)

    • I did not find a better font (50/50 chance it would have been a worse font given my design sense) but I did slightly increase the font size across the site.

    • Updated the contact page with a friendly introduction to my company and our mission.

    Things that I did not do:

    • Add a story about why someone else needs this

      I think that this is a good idea but I couldn't find a good place to jam it in.

    • Changed the site to a static site

      This is also a very good idea, but for the time being I don't have the time to do it.

    • Creating a visual hierarchy to highlight the benefits of the product

      This is also probably a good idea but I can't actually wrap my head around how to do it.

    Thank you again for all your help, invaluable stuff really. I am so much more proud of the site now!

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      Well done!

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    A few things to think about.

    1. Remove the "Home" page header. If this is your landing page, that is confusing. I thought that was the product name at first glance, then realized it is the default WP page header.

    2. Give me a headline to create some interest. Why should I continue reading? What is the benefit to me? I'm not the intended audience but you should have something that relays the core benefit, e.g. "Simple engineering design in Sheets", "Kick ass engineering design in Sheets" - whatever your brand tone would be.

    3. You have no call to action. How do you want people to try this out?

    4. How much is it? What's the pricing scheme? One time payment or subscription?

    5. Why did you build this? Use that to create a story about why somebody else NEEDS this.

    6. You need some visual hierarchy to highlight the benefits. For example, you mention error handling in a handful of places. I would highlight that, since errors in engineering design are a big deal.

    7. It seems the solution you are providing is allowing engineering professionals to effectively use Sheets for engineering design, something they have been struggling with since Sheets is not meant for this. If that is an accurate summary, write from that perspective.

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      Thanks for the feedback! Seem to be getting a pretty clear signal on what I am missing. I will try to get it updated this weekend.

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        I second everything @dmontooth says, plus I'd make the site a static website. Using WordPress introduces a great deal of complexity in this use case.


        • no security issues

        • faster and better SEO

        • cheaper or free to host

        • likely you need to spend a weekend learning some basic stuff to do what you did, but ultimately it'll be easier to make changes going forward than using WP


        • security issues

        • hosting costs

        • possibility of a total loss due to those security issues

        • themes and other complex bulk is required to get started and this includes maintenance issues

        • SEO is more complex to do well

        • long term learning curve is higher than static in this use case

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          I agree with you for the most part, and I would add that it would be easier to keep under version control. I also wouldn't have to learn too much, as I have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS and JS. But: I think that this is a priority pretty far down on the list at this point. WP allows me to not have to think about the site too much, and that is why I am currently using it.

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            Sounds well reasoned to me.

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    Welcome! Well, in not particualr order and all IMHO:

    • find a better font

    • find a clear problem statement and value proposition (short, few words) to catch attention

    • collection of tools, which tools exactily ?

    • an animated gif / video could help to explain it better

    • I'm not sure I willy buy an extension: do you find users to validate this ?

    • where is the link to try it ?

    • how much does it cost ? What about support? => setup a pricing page

    • contact/about page need some love, explain who you are, why you are doing this

    • could be used in existing sheets or require new ones ? (critical I guess)

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      Thank you for the welcome, this is great feedback! Most of these things I agree with. Can you give a specific reason that you don't like the font though? I'm not a designer I am just using a Wordpress template that I thought looked good to me.

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        sure, it's small for me and if you keep close attion to "engineering", distance between letters is too small.

        My 2 cents : just copy from medium, indiehacker, someone else, on this and use a little bigger font

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          Thanks again

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    Looks and feels engineerish, in a good and a bad way.

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      Haha, thanks! Could you elaborate? I will be the first to admit that with me as the founder product and marketing design sense is going to be one of the biggest hurdles for the company.

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        It works, it gets the job done, but doesn't make sense unless you know its underlying mechanisms.