Book Club March 26, 2020

Please share good books about startups, building own SaaS products



I'm new here. Sorry maybe for such a stupid question.

Can someone who has experience in building Startup/SaaS projects share books related to these topics?

Little information about me:
I'm a web developer with more than 9 Years of experience. I've built a lot of services, cool extensions for a different kind of CMS as an employee. Every time when I'm seeing some kind of services which I should integrate, I understand that I can do this service on my own. These thoughts don't let me sleep well. All my life I wanted to create something useful for people and I decided that I should act now.

P.s: Sorry for my English.

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    There are two books I can remember that can fit in a category you described.

    • "Start Something That Matters " by Blake Mycoskie. This book is a story about the startup Blake founded, the "TOMS" shoes. Really inspiring story I can recommend everybody to read, not just indie hackers.

    • The second one is "Rework" by Jason Fried, co-founder, and President of 37signals. This book is about how to build a startup without outside investors.

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      Thanks a lot!