Landing Page Feedback August 13, 2019

Please tell me what you think about our landing page (Marketing automation app - 60k in MRR)

Aurelien Amacker @systemeio

We have released a new landing page. Do you understand what it does and who it is for?

Thank you for your comments!

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    The first screen is tooooo abstract. Can't figure out what are you doing.
    I understand who it is for, but hardly understand what is inside.

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      We've made some changes to the landing page, do you mind telling me if it's more clear to you now?

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      Thank you for your feedback 🙏

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        Looks better to me

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    I'm sure you have a great product, just by your posted numbers it seems like you are doing a great job with your business, so congratulations! But I personally think your landing page messaging could do a lot better.

    My primary objection is that I don't think it's immediately as clear as it could be. A good way of breaking down your own landing page messaging is to take each headline and put it in a list, and see if there's a story being told. The first headlines are of course the most important.

    • "The Easiest Way to Launch and Scale your Online Business"
    • "Want to avoid the hassle of paying and connecting several programs?"
    • "All You Need To Sell Online"
    • "Case Studies"
    • "Selling Infoproducts"
    • "Selling Coaching or Services"
    • "Dropshipping"
    • "Selling a Saas app"
    • "' has the power of ClickFunnels but it's easier to use'"
    • ...etc.

    If I landed on your page, the first thing I would read is obviously the main headline. "The easiest way to launch and scale your online business". That tells me your product has to do with online businesses... but what? That headline could easily be about Heroku, Stripe, or any Platform as a Service product. I don't know yet for sure what your site is about.

    Next is "Want to avoid the hassle of paying and connecting several programs?". Now I'm thinking... are we talking about something to do with payments? "Paying and connecting several programs" is far too generic to connect with a customer's intent. What kind of programs? Connecting in what way? I don't follow 🤔. (side note, this headline is not grammatically correct English. You would be "paying for and connecting several programs together", or something like that. I think that may have contributed to my lack of understanding).

    "All you need to sell online" - OK, so that's a bit more clear. The site is focused on helping you to sell online, I think.

    At this point I'm getting conflicting ideas about what the site is about. The "Case Studies" section helps clarify what kind of use cases your site is aimed toward improving, but because they're so different, it might throw off a user who is only interested in one of them. eg. If I'm looking to setup a SaaS, then reading about "Dropshipping" and "Selling Infoproducts" could make me think "this has nothing to do with me, time to find another site".

    Here are some suggestions for better headlines and layout:

    1. "The Easiest Way to Launch and Scale your Online Business" => "Start selling online in 20 minutes or less." OR "Everything you need to sell online. Go from $0 to $1,000,000 on a platform that'll help you grow at every scale."
    2. "Want to avoid the hassle of paying and connecting several programs?" => "Never worry about cobbling together multiple services to sell your goods."
    3. "All You Need To Sell Online" . This one is good, but since I've already suggested a very similar one as the main headline, maybe this section can be renamed to "Your business will grow with"
    4. "Case Studies" => "We've helped online retailers with", and then following up with columns for each of "Dropshipping", "Selling Infoproducts", etc. That way a user can only read the column they are interested in.
    5. I would differentiate the testimonials from the headlines. Either as a different style (color, size, font), or in a different layout (speech bubble, popup type look, etc)
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      Thanks a lot for your feedback! I took some time to take into account your feedback and make some changes, do you mind telling me if it's better now?

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        I think it's better, although I would recommend that you may want to hire a native English speaker for your English copywriting.

        I'm also having trouble loading many of your smaller images though, even after multiple refreshes and across different devices.

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    Clear landing page, here is some feedback:

    • Your H1 is very clear, but could be even better by rewriting it to: "Launch and Scale your Online Business without Technical Knowledge"
    • I'm kinda missing what you're actually selling. Do you sell a tool, a course or..? (You could change the title "All You Need To Sell Online" to " Quickly build sales funnels that convert"
    • People could leave the website, because they cannot find the pricing. Try A/B testing if you should include your prices on your landing page. For me this is always a big turn off.
    • Put company logos under your hero (first block of the website) to increase trust.
    • Put your testimonials above the examples (and maybe align them next to eachother)
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      Thanks a lot for your feedback! I took some time to take into account your feedback and make some changes. Could you please let me know if it's better now?

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        Yes! Way clearer. You could clean it up a little more by placing 3 checks left and 3 checks right. Takes up less screen.

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    Hi Aurelian,

    Do you plan on supporting SCA for European customers?

    Please have your eng lead connect with me: trag at stripe dot com 👍

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      Hello yes we are working on it and we will be ready by the 14th of september

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        🙏 awesome, thx

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    The first reaction - fonts are a way too big, you need to decrease all text for about 25-30%, it will look much better.

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    Who is your target market?

    Some quick tips:

    • Everything is to big
    • The landing page design feels old, have a look at some of the newer SaaS companies
    • Image in the hero section
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      Hello, our target market is people who want to launch their online business (2/3 of our customers) and solopreneurs (coaches, consultants, experts, infopreneurs)

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        Online businesses aren't a target market :), I would find out which online businesses bring you the most business and are worth the most and focus on them.

        Also your images seem to not be working.

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          We fixed the image issue, thank you.
          Most of our customers sell infoproducts but we do have some customers who sell physical products or a Saas app so I don't think we should focus only on infopreneurs

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            By focusing your customers know you're the solution for them. Otherwise you be just be another tool.

            Try it for a few months, you can always change it later on.

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    It gets the message accros well, but I do have some design points (from a non-designer :)):

    • The fonts are so large that I want to move my head further from the screen.
    • The landing area is very white. Some image/pattern on the side or in the background would freshen things up a bit.
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        Right now all the images are broken :/

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