Please vaildate my MVP: TeamFinder

Hello Product Founders,

We are experimenting with TeamFinder. It's an engineering showcase platform or Behance for engineering. You can check the MVP here.

We’ve started it as a showcase platform for engineering dev shops but the demand for developers is so big that dev shops have more leads than employees and our product is not their number one priority. Their priority is to recruit more.

From this idea, we have revenue of 3k USD MRR success-fee for manual finding engineers or team extensions for clients. I got this idea after a few years of working in IT outsourcing. Just in Poland (my home country), there are a few thousand engineering companies that don't have much visibility. Last year I helped multiple clients by finding teams or contractors.

Today we're thinking about a little pivot a project like Behance or Dribble. We want to showcase engineering experience not only to sell services but to recruit also. This gives us also chance to invite more diverse teams (i.e. product teams) or individuals, not just engineering shops. We believe that not many companies do engineering marketing properly, don't know how to do it or they're too small.

We built this MVP with no code (webflow, jetboost, airtable) and got some data from engineering dev shops. Before building more we want to talk with potential users to test product-market fit.

Kind request for your feedback!

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    The pivot sounds great.

    Marketing (especially for early-stage) is needed and I don't know of a platform that offers you good choices. As a designer/front-end dev, I'd also sign up to be part of a product team.

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    Thanks for getting into popular page guys!

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