May 18, 2019

Please validate my idea


I am working on website where it has Trello style boards for travelers. It can be shared with other travel enthusiast and some of the tasks can be automated. Please provide feedback

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    Honestly, after reading your description I have no clue what the idea is.
    What's the purpose of what you're building? What problem does it solve?

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    hey SATH,

    I would love to provide feedback and say your idea is fantastic, except I am not a traveler! My feedback is useless to you.

    There may be some travelers here that can validate your idea but in my experience, a forum full of entrepreneurs is not a place to find a lot of travelers (and if you want to really validate your idea, you need a LOT of feedback).

    What stage of product development are you in? If you have a MVP, I would recommend showing it to a group of your target audience (on reddit, a forum, etc.) and get their opinion.

    If you dont' have an MVP yet, I would first find a way to create something that tests your idea, whether it be a landing page explaining what your software does, a service related to your product that you set up on Fiverr, or a basic version of your product itself.

    As an example, here is a landing page I set up for my product:

    The product is not made yet...I spent about 4 hours photoshopping the mockups of the websites to show users what it will look like. But my telling them they can sign up to be notified when the website goes live, it gives me a sense of how many people are actually interested in this website going live.

    Good luck!

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      Thanks for the feedback. I will work on the landing page

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    I travel and I create some lists to prepare.
    But I can't imagine any Trello board (aka lists of things to do and lists of things to take?) that I would like to share with other travelers.
    But, if I would like to use Trello-style board, I would use Trello itself and if I would like to share it, I still can share boards.

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    Hey SATH, I would recommend you read this article on brainstorming and validating ideas. It's a good read.

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    I can see that I would use this. however, i'm not the type of traveler to do a lot of organized work upfront, so may not use it to organize places, but I do like to read the local perspective on things to do and Must See attractions.

    So I can see a lot of value if you were to seed these like Trello does with Inspiration boards ( which have a user discussion, and the Lists organized as restaurants, bars, coffee shops, coworking spaces, etc.

    So maybe it's like Trello meets Product Hunt for travelers?

    It also would help to maybe niche down for a specific profile of traveler--digital nomads, luxury traveler, families, etc.