Podcasters October 14, 2020

Podcast Automation?

Jeremy G. Woods @JeremyGWoods


I run two podcasts (one started earlier this year and one started this month), and I'm looking for tips on how to semi-automate the process of creating the episodes. I used to edit the episodes myself, but now I'm outsourcing on Fiverr.

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    I use descript to automatically edit out filler words and create transcriptions: https://www.descript.com/

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    Check out Alitu.com for automation around the editing part. (created by @thepodcasthost)
    There are a bunch of services who offer automatic transcriptions.

    I've created Podcastpage.io to automate the process of creating/managing a full podcast website.

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      Awesome! Both look great, especially yours. I already have a podcast page on my website, but it would be good to try yours. Can I make my site on yours a subdomain of my own podcast?

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        Sure, you can use it for your podcast with a custom subdomain.
        Many of our users are using the platform to create a complete website, and some are using it for separate podcast page, here's a couple of examples -


        (see how the the nav links take you back to the "parent" site)

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    Hey Jeremey!!

    I going to be honest with you, I don't think Spread will solve what you're looking for here, but I know it could definitely help you - especially if your looking for podcast/content automation tools.

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    I'm curious, are there specific parts of the process you're looking to automate?

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      I'm not really sure at this point. It would be good to find ways to shortcut the process. Getting audio edited by someone else is already a great help, but I know there must be easier ways to do it.

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    How much does that cost you Jeremy?

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      I think it's between $20 and $40 per episode, depending on the length, but you can find many different price ranges. I've only gotten one episode done that way so far, but I'm sending another one soon.

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