May 17, 2019

Podcast: Bright & Early - a podcast for people building early-stage startups

Brian Rhea @brhea

Bright and Early is a podcast for people building early-stage startups. I talk to entrepreneurs, product people, designers and marketing pros about their experiences during the early days to help you feel just a little less crazy.

I've been an executive member of a venture-backed and exited startup, and I was part of a startup that crashed and burned.

There are lessons to be learned in both success and failure, and I want to share as many of those lessons as possible with people like you!

I started this podcast in an interview format because I didn't want only to blog about my own experience or get on the mic and monologue my own thoughts. I wanted to talk to other influential entrepreneurs and experts to learn from their experience and share their ideas with the world!

Episode 1: UI Design for Early-stage Startups with Jane Portman

Episode 2: The Importance of Knowing Your Customer with Claire Suellentrop

Episode 3: Growth Marketing Doesn't Have to Be Gross with Margaret Kelsey of Appcues

Episode 4: Creating an Online Course and Writing Killer Emails with Janelle Allen

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    Just listened to your interview with Jane Portman - great insights. As a full stack developer, I definitely see perfection as the enemy of the good. Far too many clients strive for pixel-perfect precision before launch only to find that they could have launched months earlier with better results.

    1. 1

      Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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    Love the snappy nature of this podcast / quick to digest / clear cut / no BS / getting the right information — I truly enjoy it! Keep em coming @brhea

    1. 1

      Thanks Val! More on the way :) Hope you enjoy!

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    One of the most relevant and useful podcasts for bootstrappers!

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      Thanks a ton! Let me know how I can make it better :)