October 9, 2019

Podcast feedback

We recently re-released The Product Podcast, and we have thus far received a warm response. We had great guests who shared extremely insightful strategies, thoughts, and advice on all things Product Management. That being said, my team and I would love any suggestions to improve the experience: https://prdct.school/35e5spX

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    If i dont use spotify, any chance to listen it somewhere else before i decide to sign up?

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      Of course! We are on nearly all major platforms: iTunes, Stitcher, Buzzsprout, and Google Podcasts just to name a few.

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        Here you can find all the episodes available, as well as the channels they are on: http://www.productschool.com/free-resources

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    Let's set you up with a SmashNotes.com account and get some of those juicy bits on the site, and onto your blog /community ..etc. Smash Notes greatly increases the service area of your podcast by making short segments visible to the most relevant audiences.

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    Well done! That's a lot of podcasts published.

    It sounds a little quiet for my ears. Generally, podcasters shoot for -16 LUFS.


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    • How are you editing & mixing the tracks? I can hear typing/breathing/mouth noises/talking in the background and the guest sounds muffled

    • Are you guys using external microphones? ATR-2100 is a great value option, always use dynamic mics - they cut out room tones the most

    • Line breaks in show notes are off, displays a few lines smashed together.like this <<

    • The first line in the show notes "The Product Podcast Interview Series. Episode 5" feels redundant, need to hook people with a killer guest introduction in the first line

    • What are you doing to promote the show?

    USC did a study


    People perceive media as more believable the better sound quality is.

    Hope this helps and if you have any questions!