Podcasters October 4, 2020

Podcast Hosting Feedback

Kenny Groom @Stakkato

Hey Everyone,

I’ve got 1 podcast right now but looking to expand and potentially run up to 3 in parallel. Currently using Buzzsprout but the charge monthly per podcast and add one like transcription and “AI” driven audio mixing are on a la carte pricing.

Can anyone recommend another podcast hosting are that may be good option for host looking to run multiple podcasts?


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    👋 @Stakkato giving folks the ability to host multiple podcasts is why Jon and I started Transistor.fm.

    I made a quick demo of how it works here: https://youtu.be/hUugNVgsXvk

    Lots of Indie Hackers folks are using us now:

    (You can see the full list here).

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      Excellent breakdown. Video is very thorough. Would podcast analytics be pulled over from existing host platform?

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        @Stakkato unfortunately, that's the one thing that doesn't get transferred from host to host.

        Some folks use a 3rd party service, like Chartable to maintain their stats in a secondary spot.

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    Looks like @mijustin already replied but, 100%, go with Transistor. They offer a fantastic service and the people behind the company are great. They have integrity, strong ethics and are just nice people. We would never consider anything else.

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      Thanks for the endorsement!

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