March 7, 2019

Podcast RSS Feeds

Jake Hergott @jherg

I’m thinking about building a podcast aggregator using RSS feeds. If podcast creators are openly providing/promoting their RSS feeds, does that mean they want you to use their content on your site? Feels like implicit permission imo, but idk if I need explicit permission.


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    If they have an RSS feed you can use it however you like. The only thing I'd say is that this is a super super crowded space, and it's just gotten moreso with Spotify doubling down on providing podcasts feeds in it's app:

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      Yup, the space is growing like wild fire. Not sure if that means to join it or avoid it 🤔

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        It's not that crowded. Don't let a few high-profile acquisitions scare you if you can bring value.

        There are a lot of layers to the podcasting industry. It's a very unique space with a lot of opportunity. Especially for the hundreds of thousands of indie podcasters trying to keep up with the hit makers.

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    You can use them. Podcasters love anything that gives them more downloads/exposure.

    And asking for forgiveness is easier than asking for permission :)

    I run a SaaS app in the space and working on something with RSS feeds. Hit me up if I can help.

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      I’d love to hear what you’re working on. [email protected]

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    Speaking from the eyes of someone who has a small podcast: any extra exposure is good exposure.

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      Great! What’s the link to your RSS feed? I’ll add it to the site.

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    @csallen would you be ok with an app using your podcast’s RSS feed to stream your podcast episodes?

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