May 20, 2019

Podcast/YouTube Studio Design Advice & Inspiration?

Gary Fox @MrGaryFox

I've decided to convert a small unused office into a dedicated podcast and YouTube recording space.

I'll use it for my own podcast and also potentially rent it out to other people to record their shows/videos.

My podcast and channel are dedicated to the entrepreneur/business space so would love a look/feel that would work well in that area.

It's a completely blank canvas, it's simply a small storage office at the moment.

I have a budget to spend, up to €2k.

What equipment/layout would fellow hackers recommend?

If any aspiring interior designs/studio designers, would love some insight into the visuals, paint walls, etc.

I've attached a few photos of how it looks at the moment.

Thanks for looking!

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    Small hack to improve sound quality of your room - make your own sound absorbing panels. There are a bunch of videos on YouTube for how to do it, and you can make them for super cheap. I made one out of a painting canvas and old towel. Cost me $20 to cover an area that would've got $100s if I bought actual panels from Amazon.

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      Superb idea. I'll check them out. Starting the refurb this weekend!