Landing Page Feedback April 5, 2019

Policial Probability Service

Max Beech @maxbeech

Hey everyone!
I just brought Will This Happen out of alpha yesterday, would love to see if people find it useful and effective.


Thanks a ton!


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    I like this, though I'm less inspired by the political element. A generic probability calculator would be more fun (and likely less serious). For example, one could estimate the probability (or expected number of years until occurrence of):

    • Dying by lightning strike while winning the Formula-1 championship.
    • Bread landing on butter-free side while more than 5 cats are in the garden.
    • ...
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      Aha thanks so much for the feedback!

      Definitely keen that this is slightly tongue-in-cheek so that sort of angle would work really well. Cheers @IAmAFunction!

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    Niiiiice! All though I'm a little bummed about the impeachment probability haha

    2 feedback ideas, explained in the video below

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      Hey Max!

      Thank a TON for taking the time to give such great feedback on this, really appreciated. Very insightful to hear that knowing more about how the probabilities work would be interesting.

      Also such a top shout regarding social interaction and twitter polls. Love that idea so much will definitely be getting it in there!

      All the very best

      (Great name btw!)

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        Hahah no problem, just a Max helping out a fellow Max.

        Glad my feedback was helpful. Feel free to reach out anytime!

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          Aha thanks a ton!

          Btw got to say Confidently Curious & Made by Adventure are such beautiful sites 😍 That let's talk button is super inviting I just keep clicking it

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            Thanks dude. Moving into webflow design now, which is opening up a whole new world of options.

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              That's super interesting, will check it out!

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    This comment was deleted a year ago.

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      Haha now that would be sweet. Fear it might just break the algorithm though...

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        This comment was deleted a year ago.

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          haha true...totally underqualified