POLL: Twitter tool that automatically changes your avatars and banners?

Greetings fellow indiehackers!

I've built a tool for Twitter that changes your avatar and banner every 20mins. The product is at an MVP stage. I'm trying to gauge interest in the product, before pursuing it further/adding more features.

It's useful for people who want to use multiple avatars or banners on Twitter. For example, artists/designers can use it to showcase artwork via their banners, or NFT collectors can use it to show the multiple avatars that they own.

You can access it on https://morpher.vercel.app/.

Let me know what you think of the product! Do you think it is useful/helpful?

All the best,

What do you think of the tool?
  1. Yay
  2. Nay
  1. 1

    Hi Hamish, thank you for publishing here, good work!

    I'd second @explorerKas's opinion and most probably won't use the service. Just because I can't see a problem that it will solve for me.

    Do you have in mind a list of problems that your service might solve?

  2. 1

    Interesting idea. I already have problems choosing one profile image & background though, don't think I could come up with more :D

  3. 1

    Hey Hamish - congrats on the build 🎉

    It's a cool idea, but for me, I probably wouldn't use it because I can't see many instances where someone on my profile would visit my Twitter Profile page multiple times in the time frame needed to see the multiple avatar/banner scroll images.

    Do you have an idea of how people behave when visiting the profile pages of people they're interested in?

    In any case, cool work!✌

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