Growth October 16, 2020

Post your affiliate program and we'll feature it on our page

Sanjeev Rao @asanjeevrao

We're building - a marketplace for content creators & SAAS businesses to discover each other and forge the right affiliate partnerships 🤝

Given that founders often struggle to get visibility on their affiliate programs, we've added a special ✨Indie Hackers✨ tag to easily surface affiliate programs from IH companies. We've kicked things off with a few programs we came across but would love to list more.

Indie Hackers - Affiliate Hunt

This is just our first iteration. We're very eager to hear from both content creators & businesses on how we can make this a 💯 product for you.

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    Feature request: sort/filter by commission %, one-time/ongoing, and other terms

    1. 1

      Interesting you ask, we already have this feature done on, including MLM and tiered commission.

    2. 1

      Great feedback! Will definitely be adding these options shortly :)

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    Super cool product, to those responding would you mind sharing who you use for your affiliate system? I’m looking to implement one but implementing the payment processing was already tricky enough.

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      I run a SaaS and use by @bradycassidy great bit of software.

      1. 1

        Thanks @volkandkaya, appreciate the kind words!

      2. 1

        @bradycassidy would love to add a 'Powered by Rewardful' call out for your programs if you're open to it. Will DM you to discuss

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      Have you looked at Groove? It's still in beta but already has the two-tier affiliate system and payment processing built in.

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      I use for the affiliate program. I used their REST API and was able to get everything going in an hour or so with my Rails app.

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    This is so great, thank you for building this!

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      Thank you! Just added TaskBill too :)

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    NetNut, a residential proxy provider, is offering one of the best affiliate terms in the proxy market

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    Hi Sanjeev,

    I am from Post Affiliate Pro and together with LiveAgent we run 2 successful bootstrapped businesses. And one of them is affiliate software, so very relevant to your project, which looks pretty nice!

    Would love to get our affiliate programs listed:

    But would love to go further and go beyond that, can you please write as an email to hello at postaffiliatepro dot com to discuss the options!

    Thanks and good luck with a project.

    1. 1

      LiveAgent was already on there, I've just added Post Affiliate Pro too. I'll get in touch over email. Thanks for reaching out :)

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    Hi Sanjeev,
    I am working on, what a coincidence.🤔

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    Just submited fo my WordPress plugin WP Mobile Menu.

    1. 2

      Thank you! it's live on the page :)

      1. 1

        Very nice!

        How did you scrape my logo?

        Or did you do it manually?

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          Manually for Zlappo. We're using by default and adding logos manually when not listed there

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    Cool list! The submission form seems to not be working.

    Submit program error Error: GraphQL error: We're having trouble submitting your program. Please try again later

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      I think we may have had some brief downtime. Hopefully should be back now, I was just able to submit :)

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      Added both your programs!

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