Daily Stand-up March 22, 2020

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Jim Hall @jimbol

Have a good productive Sunday!

What will you accomplish this month?

What did you accomplish yesterday?

What will you accomplish today?

Give some feedback or support to another Indie Hacker! Everyone is welcome!

  1. 2

    This month
    ✓ Create a marketing page for a new project - https://www.mega-stash.com/
    ✓ Set up mailing list in mailchimp
    ✓ Identify if there is user interest - Some folks are interested. It's hard to say how many.
    ~ Start a prototype.

    New week new goal
    Spin up the final form of infrastructure

    Took a break

    Continue working on COVID-19 directory

  2. 1



    • Did our weekly meeting


  3. 1


    • Finalize rendering of visualizer for podcasters and musicians

      • get rendering working on Linux
    • Clean up the render flow with cleaner code

    • Test the new updates

    • Make a new IG post for https://www.instagram.com/storycreatorapp/


    • Work on nurturing clients so I have money coming in

    • Reach out to users and find the main traction channel

    • Write out goals

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