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Post your non-CS project on Hacker News

There's a new top thread asking people to talk about their non-cs/programming money making side projects.



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    Thanks for sharing! Commenting in these HN posts when they pop up is a great way to drive traffic to your project, assuming your comment gets lots of upvotes. Here's the advice I gave a few days ago fro getting lots of upvotes:

    Be transparent and helpful! Consider sharing…

    • revenue numbers
    • team size
    • time you spent working on it
    • how you came up with the idea
    • how you're growing
    • etc.

    It's the same as with any content marketing. Keep in mind who your audience is, and write a comment that aligns with their goals/problems.

    In this particular case, your audience is HNers who visit this thread. So they're technical, analytical, and probably interested in learning how to build a business of their own. Give them some juicy educational info to help them out! (By the way, all of these tips apply to posting on IH as well.)

    @lynnetye did a very good job of this on Friday and got ~300 upvotes and thousands of visitors to her site as a result.

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