Growth December 2, 2019

Post your product for growth hacks from the IH community

Volkan Kaya @volkandkaya

December has just started and while most are relaxing during the holidays I thought it would be a great time for us Indie Hackers to help each other by recommending growth hacks for our products.

Link your website below and hopefully others will come up with unique ways to grow the product.

Please comment first on someone else's product :)

  1. 1 - Turn any device with a browser and a camera into a security camera

  2. 1

    REST API Testing ->

    Service for testing REST API endpoints of multiple connected micro-services after post-deployment process.

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    MyChat enterprise messenger —

    A secure instant messaging system with its own server that works reliably in LAN and over the slow Internet connection.

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    DarwinMail -
    A Google Inbox replacement!

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    Leonardo English -

    English learning for the curious mind. I produce a podcast targeted at English learners where listeners learn English through interesting stories about how the world works.

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      Looks interesting :) Good luck!

      1. 1

        thanks Matt!

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    An iOS app to Record, edit and publish podcasts right to iTunes - the easiest way to have guests on your show and record a podcast.

    If you are super busy but still want to launch a podcast in 2020 then give CallCast a try. Thanks 🙏

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      • Use a scraping service to find all podcasts in a 'small to medium' category (I guess large ones will probably have more advanced software to do this), you get the podcast admin's email address from the RSS feed, then start emailing :)
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        Thanks for the ideas Ambudge 🙌
        I was thinking that my early user persona would be more aligned with the novice person who has not yet figured out how to start a podcast and CallCast could be the perfect gateway into the medium for them.

        But I will definitely test out people who already have a podcast running also. Thanks for you input!

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    When I studied my market, I did competitor research and found my competitors were getting 80% of traffic from organic, 3% was from email, 3% was from social, and 14% was paid traffic.

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    See if you're losing money to hidden fees and track your 401(k) -

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    Share links across devices -

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      Interesting idea, i currently send links to myself on discord :)

      Not sure I would pay for a product though.

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        Thanks, it is part of what I would like to know.

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          The site should be very cheap to run.

          What you could do is have a public section where top links of the day are shown and run ads on it.

          That way users don't have to pay and get a great free product.

          Could also create a newsletter that is sent daily/weekly based on "AI" for relevant links.

          Have public/private links, defaulting to private.

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            Thanks for the suggestions they are great ideas. Specially the "recommended" newsletter!

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    Music recommendation newsletter -

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      I think it's a great idea. As a user looking at it two questions came to mind:
      1)How good are the recommendations? Can I have a preview before committing to a daily email?
      2)How are the recommendations generated? Will they be personalised for me?

      It's just a sample of 1 I know, but those were the questions I asked myself while looking at the landing page.

      1. 1

        Thanks for the feedback! It definitely helps me.

        As far as 1), there is a page for past albums that would be a good start for seeing what was recommended in the past

        1. This is something that I probably need to clarify on the site, but the recommendations are generated the same for everyone. They come from many sources including my personal research, community recommendations, current trends, feedback from previous albums, etc.
  11. 1 - address management for anyone who moves

    Being engaged in rental communities have helped us grow our user base. Any other tips?

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      Big corporates have teams that deal with relocation, and there are also specialist companies that manage the relocation for senior managers / execs. Probably worth a conversation if you haven't had one already.

      1. 1

        I wonder what would that department. HR?

        1. 1

          Yes, HR

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      I’d talk to realtors who use an automated MLS system to send our properties. They send automatic notifications for properties, and that would be a great place to put your logo to reach your target audience.

      When I was looking for a new apartment, I would get upwards of 100 emails a day from my realtor with new apartments to look at.

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      • Have you spoke to real estate agents?
      • Moving men?
      • Basically anyone involved in moving :)
      1. 1

        Indeed. Real estate agenta are good but they want a commission or fee to promote it :/ still considering it though. Moving companies are easier.

        1. 2

          This makes sense. No one is going to promote your product for free. Unless you make them a very happy customer. So I'd consider making room in your pricing so you could give them a cut.

          Or a better idea would be to design your product so it makes the realtors look awesome! You could design your product to help make the agent look like a rockstar by offering this to their clients.

        2. 1

          Interesting the people closer to the money want money to promote it.

          It should be a win/win offering your product helps their customers and should drive more referrals, but clearly they aren't thinking long term.

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    Good idea. I've been struggling to get traction. Any ideas?

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      Have you tried reaching out to travel bloggers that might try it out and share it with their audiences and maybe create some content about traveling that can build more SEO benefits for your domain?

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      I always like to start small - meaning start with a small serving but make it irresistible. I like where you're going with this, but to gain initial traction, you oftentimes need to hyper-focus, build a rabid following, and then expand from there.

      An example would be to focus only on Google Flights at first. But instead of displaying the information the same way Google does, create a delightful UX that makes it easier to compare the different flight times, cost, etc. Perhaps a visual horizontal timeline of sorts. Basically, you need to add value on top of aggregating the data.

      I know this isn't a short-term solution, but this is how I would approach initial traction with a product like this.

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      In this case, you are your product's user. So, where do you hang out online? What communities are you part of? Go there, talk about PMT, because those people are most likely to be like you.

  13. 1 - SaaS focused website builder

  14. 0

    Build an audience - so simple idea

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      Easier said than done, everyone and thing is competing for your attention.

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        If it is easy, 10,000 folks already did it.

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          The US has 18.6 million millionaires not sure it is easy :)

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            Read my post, never said it is easy. Anything easy is a mirage.

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              Sorry long day :)