Product Development April 3, 2020

Post your project idea and I'll reply with a domain name recommendation.


I recently launched, a daily newsletter with 5 available to register domain picks. Today I am happy to make an offer to the IH community - if you need some domain name ideas for your project, I will do a research and find at least one available domain name :) You need to be fast and register it if you happen to like it.

If you're interested, add a comment below with a short description of the idea: what it does and who are your ideal customers.

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    Cool idea!

    Here's mine: An API that automates charitable giving for internet businesses. For example, you'd run a cause marketing campaign like "Geeky Domains donates $1 to Feeding America for every new subscriber."

    All you'd do is call my API on every new subscribe event and I'd bill you monthly for your total donation amount and send you a tax-deductible receipt.

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      Neat idea. But what's the advantage over looking at my analytics and writing that check myself? Is it getting the tax-deductible receipt delivered by you? Is it the trust I instill in my customers by working with an established brand, i.e. you?

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        These are questions I'm wrestling with myself as well TBH. As of now my thoughts are:

        • Find a non-profit whose mission aligns with yours by filtering based on your brand's characteristics.
        • Set up the api call once and not have to do that manual task every month.
        • Have a third party vouch for your donations (in this case, me) as you mentioned.

        What do you think? Is that not enough value added? Genuinely asking lol

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          imo your customers can be saas companies that want to tell their own customers: "$x of your monthly subscription will be donated to a cause you believe in".
          Then, using your service I can pull a list of causes from which they can choose. You will store the customer Id that I provide + their selected cause, and I will notify you every month when they pay so you can charge me at the end of the month and send the money to all the different places.
          Of course you will have to handle cancellations as well.
          Then I can send my customers your seal-of-proof for donation together with their invoice.
          If you are successful enough you should be able to also bring the places that ask for donations to register with you so you have more categories/places to donate to.

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            This is such a great idea in my opinion! Sending donations to lots of different charities is something only the biggest companies would be willing to do themselves.

            I haven't seen a reply from you yet, @levidxyz, so I wanted to make sure that you've seen this awesome post. Thank you, @Danbars!

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              Thanks, yea definitely thinking about this route..

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          What do you think?

          Sadly, I don't think that I can give you valuable feedback on this as I am not looking to run a cause marketing campaing. It might have potential. Have you talked to potential customers? They will be able to tell you. :)

          (I know it's scary, but remind yourself of the fact that you'll have to do it anyway. Better do it now before you've spent too much time building something.)

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            Great point. I think I'll start by interviewing current customers of One Percent for the Planet. They appear to be doing well and in regards to your questions they don't even facilitate the donation for you. They require that you provide documentation of your revenue and donations for them to verify 🤷‍♂️

            I guess I have some digging to do!

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              That sounds like a great plan! Do it! 👍

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      Hey @levidxyz, interesting idea. Do you prefer geeky domains (.io, .tech, .co) or more traditional ones for this use case?

      Here are some geeky ideas:

      Anyway, from my point of view given the charitable purpose and that it is a B2B product the best domain extension could be .org. I would consider buying a domain from the aftermarket: - it is listed for $3,999. Might help to build the much needed initial trust when selling to internet businesses. And it is a great brand.

      Hope that helps

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        Nice suggestions, thanks! I agree .org is probably the way to go but I'm not sure RoundUp quite matches the product since there is no rounding up happening. Also considering the overwhelmingly negative public sentiment surrounding Roundup the herbicide. GoodCauses is a bit better. Cheers and good luck with Geeky Domains

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          Update: In the spirit of and I just registered ✔️

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            I love it!

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    Great idea! 👍

    Hope you don't mind a challenge as this is something for which a lot of good domain names are already taken.

    I am building a service which periodically checks that your site is up and running and that it contains certain previously specified keywords. If not, you'll get an instant email notification.
    My customers will be people running websites.

    Thank you very much in advance!

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      Hey @nikwen, here are some ideas: - If your service is more about keyword monitoring. - Notification whether all is Ok. Or not.

      Hope that helps :)

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        PS: Have you thought about turning this into a "I'll find the right domain/brand name for you" consulting business?

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          Doesn't seem like a scalable business, but it's an idea :)

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            This Obviously is a scalable business.
            I am into domain name investing / blogging / development.
            Let me know, if you are up for a quick chat, have also tweeted you.

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        Pretty good ones! Nicely done!

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        Thank you, @ivbran! There are some really creative ideas among them. I like your way of thinking! :)

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      @nikwen curious, how is what you are building different from the tons of free options out there ?

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        Hey @boonindi,

        Thanks for asking! I've obviously been thinking about this as well.
        The good news is that this is a hobby project for me. So if I can help somebody, I'll be happy, but if nobody except me ends up using it, it also won't hurt. I'm doing it mostly for fun and to broaden my skills.
        That said, if you've been missing something in existing solutions or if you've got any ideas on how to differentiate, I'd be happy to know. :)

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    Hey, I'm building a simple website that lists free services and tools on the internet people can use when bootstrapping their project.

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    Can you please suggest some .com domain names for an IT Company that serves below services:

    Web Development, App Development, SEO, Logo Design, Branding, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing.

    Need something brand-able and easy to pronounce / remember.

    Also suggest some web-hosting, would grab them via your affiliate link.

    Would appreciate your response on the same.

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    Hey @ivbran thanks for your kind help.

    I am building a service that will scan a user's website and report all broken/out of stock affiliate links.

    My customers are affiliate website owners.

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      Great idea! How are you planning on reaching your target audience?

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    A marketplace for finding Side project which looking for sponsoring vs company looking for traffic from side project it will sponsored.

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    I am the co-founder of an AI powered data extraction company and given our algorithms that can detect mentions of new startups all over the web it would be easy for us to build a business intelligence platform like Crunchbase, focused on startups at the first stage of funding. Do you have any ideas on how to name it ? Let us know if we can do smth for you as well to return the favor.

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    Great! How about habit plus mood tracker like streaks
    Thank you for your time.

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    This is awesome. Subscribed to the newsletter!

    Any ideas for a site that creates animated logo video intros for small businesses, YouTube channels and Twitch?

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    Diary-tracker with emojis ONLY!

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    Hey there,
    Awesome. Currently, I'm building a resume, cv maker along with portfolio and a landing page. Kindly suggest a good name. For now, we've stuck to

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    Wow, these are great! I am building a very simple app that's a list of lists of items (to-dos), all on one page. Kind of a bird's eye view of all you have to do across all projects. 🙂

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    Cool concept!

    I'm building a hassle-free invoicing system for small businesses would be interesting to see if there are any good domain names free still.
    Nothing unique, just plain contact management and invoice sent.

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      It is a crowded market, many great names are taken :( - smo(oth)(inv)oice

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        Wow actually i like, nice job! 🔥

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    I don't have a project to name, but I am curious what your method is for coming up with these. Is it just your years of experience that gives you intuition into what might be good? Or do you have a process for coming up with great available domain names? Thanks!

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    Great idea! Any naming suggestions would be welcome.

    I want to build a tool to help small businesses manage staff. Basically, the business owner/shift manager would be able to see a list of all staff, assign them tasks, and then each member of staff would get a list of their assigned tasks for the day/week. They could then mark them as complete, ask for more details, etc.
    The tool would also report on various KPIs(completion levels for tasks, etc).

    Thank you!

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    It may be difficult, but I may try:
    An Ethereum DApp basketball game simulation where a person can own player cards, form his team and play against other teams.

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    It's a matt with different conclusions on it so you can "jump to conclusions"

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    Great idea! , can you name this?

    I am building a service to help real estate buyers to find information about different geographical areas, collecting information about avg rental prices, crime scores, traffic, points of interest like schools, hospitals, parks, etc.

    Thanks !!

    EDIT: I have subscribed to your newsletter, seems interesting :)

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    Hey ivbran 👋
    First of all congrats on your PH launch 👏

    Can you name this ?
    I am building a web scraping software usually for non-technical users, with some advanced features such as page automations, image scrapes, infinite scroll etc. Which is coming soon this month.

    I am a bit confused about the name, so couldn't Decide...
    Thanks in advance 😊

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        Thanks 😊👍 that sounds cool.

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      I would be very interested in testing your product! I am building a solar marketplace connecting solar installers with solar distributors. We have been scraping each solar manufacturer website to get product data a point and click solution would be much easier.

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    Home treatment (reviewed by doctors) plan for your child illness
    costomers: Parents

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      Hey @falcon007, it's a tough job :)

      I recommend .com as an extension since it's the most familiar with wider audince - doctors and patients.

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