April 26, 2020

Post your startup's biggest marketing challenge right now and I'll reply with a tip, resource, or action.

Oliver Meakings @olly

Exactly as the title says.

What is the biggest marketing challenge you currently have.

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    Having trouble building traffic. Trying to post in relevant forums and giving Google Ads a go. Traffic is a trickle. Not sure the best approach to get the numbers.


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      1. Define personas. Do you know exactly who you are targeting? If not use this tool: https://www.hubspot.com/make-my-persona
      2. Create an ecosystem map to record where they are online: https://www.notion.so/100users/This-is-where-you-ll-find-your-startups-first-100-users-e90a4a38758e4e31a1cc1d93e6aa2758
      3. Review my Notion board, 100 ideas for your first 100 users: https://www.notion.so/100users/a81de48d5cd2414a8b307f7cbd461d42?v=e1d9101e6f3546fc8f91020caf822acb
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    Got a few customers at BetterSheets
    Gonna raise the price this Friday. How do I broadcast that, without seeming scammy or spammy.

    Will go from $30 to $49. Have made over 50 videos. and new customers are getting private videos for their exclusive needs.

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    Haven't found the main traction channel for growth. Seems like I am spinning my wheels. I think SEO and paid traffic are going to be the best drivers of growth. I still am hungry for feedback on https://storycreatorapp.com/

    Would love thoughts.

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      imo your best growth channel should be "made with Storycreator" text somewhere on the video. If someone like Tim Ferris would post a video with this text you'll get tons of customers immediately.

      What I'd try doing is create a list of podcasts on topics that you yourself are a fan of (or even actually listening). Then I would pick 2-3 shows from each podcast and create those cool videos FOR THEM (with "made with Storycreator" text of course). And then you share those vids on all social channels and tag them so that they would see it. Your goal is to make them retweet/share your videos. This way their audience would see "made with Storycreator" text.

      To be a little more specific on how I'd do this... For each show I'd create at least 3 different videos from different bits in the show. Then I'd share one on Twitter, one on Facebook and one on LinkedIn a week apart from each other, tagging that person. If there will be no reaction from them, I might wait a week and repeat the process, this time posting a different video on each channel. If you'll do this with 10+ podcasts at once your feed will look quite natural - as if you're simply making your favourite bits from your favourite podcasts.

      Hope this helps (plz let me know if you actually do it).

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        I absolutely love this advice and will definitely put it to action. My goal is to post three posts per week on https://www.instagram.com/storycreatorapp/ and on the blog. I think incorporating this would be a great idea.

        Excited to try it out! I will definitely keep you in the loop. If you're on IG I would love to keep you in the loop https://www.instagram.com/michaelaubry/

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          awesome! feel free to ping me in DM once you try it out and I'll be happy to bounce more marketing ideas with you ;)

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            Sweet! Let me know if I can do anything in return 👊

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      How many podcasts have you talked to so far?
      What channels are getting any traction?

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        My first paying customer came from a DM then building a relationship. I've reached out to over 50 or so. Maybe close to 100 now. I would say DM's have been the best channel.

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    Good organic rankings in google for some important keywords

    And also: getting to know in which area I can find some opportunities (what are users struggling with)


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      1. Have you identified opportunities yet? If not, try SEMRush
      2. This is too vague, I am not sure what you mean sorry.


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    My biggest challenge is to find people in the field of marketing. I need marketers to try out a product that relates to promoting products online.

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      have you tried newsletters?
      I have 6k, people, about a one third are marketers reading my newsletter: InfluenceWeekly.co
      and there's plenty of marketing newsletters at letterwell.co or thoughtleaders.io or paved.com

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        How would I market towards them? Advertisements?

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          Talk to newsletter writers. If its useful for their audience they might be able to try it themselves. Yes ads. Or trades. Or giveaways.

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    Hi Oliver,

    I'm running audiochamber.xyz and we are currently at around 20-30 subscribers. My goal is to hit 100 subs soon. We have tried to improve our SEO as well as posted on our social media about the website. Any thoughts?


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      Try trading shoutouts with other newsletters. Curate a selection for flowstate.substack.com (the DJ there is great, and I curated a selection once, got some subs from it)
      also https://albumdaily.com/
      and https://www.platformandstream.com/

      If you can score a shoutout trade with those three I bet you'll get up to 200 to 300 subs. maybe even 500 if you're a good writer.

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      1. How do you current users feel about you? Don't know? Find out. If they love it, ask them to share it (in every mailer), if they don't, fix it
      2. Review my list here: https://www.notion.so/100users/a81de48d5cd2414a8b307f7cbd461d42?v=e1d9101e6f3546fc8f91020caf822acb
      3. Consider influencers who can curate lists on the site, and drive audiences for you
      4. Showcase the Team on the site
      5. If the sign up button just links to the form, move the form to its place instead
      6. Let people review previous editions
      7. Consider smaller artists who are more likely to post online saying they've been featured
      8. Join music communities, add value, refer people to the list, or link to online editions relevant to chats
      9. Explore unique formats / ways of presenting the list. What's different here than just reading the music reviews in a broadsheet?
      10. Look for more landing page tips on roastmylandingpage.com and click on does my landing page suck?
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    Hey Oliver,

    We're live on ProductHunt - https://www.producthunt.com/posts/project-ekalavya

    We are at #7 now, how do we get to #1?

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      We got to #4 & earned the badge.

      Please put on your thinking hat & give tips for us to get to #1

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        I like your product and upvoted it. Congrats on the success!

        The work to perform well on PH has to take place before launch.

        Make sure you're:

        • leveraging your network as much as possible
        • Slack, Twitter, here, socials, other online communities and FB groups.
        • Reaching out to anyone who gave you feedback during beta
        • Add a CTA to upvote on your website
        • Emailing anyone who has ever heard of your project
        • Don't send junk traffic, obviously, and don't be needy.
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          Thanks for the upvote Olly. Yes, agree that much of it happens before.

          Tried few of the methods suggested & seems to be working as of now.

          Update: We're at #2

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    I am having an issue narrowing down my audience. I ran Facebook ads for leads, for website development. After reaching 10k I got 1 customer and few trolls. I was targetting small business owners.

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        Sorry I should've made that clear. Facebook people reached

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          What was your CTR?

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