Posted our first product demo video on Reddit - Boom! Blown away by the feedback and engagement

So Friday night... just decided to skip worrying about creating a fancy, polished, well edited product demo video and simply record my screen and post. One of those f*ck-it moments.

Put this on Reddit under r/SideProject.


157 video views. 15 product signups. 23 comments. 52 upvotes. 10 personal DMs. 5 or 6 one-on-one demo sessions booked and overwhelmingly great feedback.

Fully appreciate that this is all vanity metrics, but after lurking in the digital shadows for so long and questioning whether our product was "good enough" to share yet, it was great to get community feedback and encouragement.

Lesson - throw something out there. Absorb the feedback. Engage. Build. Regroup. Carry on.

You might just surprise yourself.

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    Well done Jon, some of our beta users asked for a similar what if scenarios in cashcoach.io as well.

    1. 2

      Thanks Sam - looks like we are trying to tackle the same problem from different directions. Must be nice to be working in an Open Banking environment in the UK (still a ways out here in North America).

      Happy to compare notes, if you would find any value in that.

      1. 1

        Open Banking makes things more robust and easier. It also comes with a lot of regulation and is hard to bootstrap in your garage.
        Happy to have a chat next week, what's your email?

        1. 1

          Sending you a DM.

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    Hi Jon,
    Amazing demo - I think the Indie demo video actually gives it more cred and works better than a polished video!
    I'd love to hear more about this - What are your marketing channels? How do you plan to monetize?
    If you'd like to have a quick 30-min meeting, feel free to book me (free of course) https://calendly.com/jonathanoron

    1. 2

      Thanks Jonathan,

      I really appreciate the feedback.My background is in the film and TV industry and it is really tempting to lean into that and use all of my skills to be polished and refined, But boy.. does that take time....

      Marketing channels - to date, we've been mostly social media for B2C signups. Moving forward, we are targeting SMB and plan to focus on LinkedIN. We are also in the mid stages of a proof-of-concept white label integration with a bank. Plan would be to leverage that brand.

      Monetization - B2C, mostly free with some lead generation in the future. B2B, tiered subscriptions with some pay gates on number of scenarios, complexity of scenarios and access to more advanced, niche "nodes". The white label version would be for advisors in branch to build and share financial planning scenarios with their members. This would be a site license deal.

      I'll drop you a line and we can talk some more - always game for feedback and discussion with other entrepreneurs.

      1. 1

        This sounds really exciting!
        I can really see this as a webinar (or private tutor) scenario for financial advisors.
        Looking forward to hearing more about it in our chat!

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    That's amazing Jon! Congrats w/ the great feedback from Reddit.

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