Meetups May 6, 2019

PRAGUE IH – Recap and Upcoming Meetup – 25th May

Motaquillah Maddane @Motaki

Hello everyone,

First thank you to those who showed up last week (Victor, Alex and Motaki). For those who couldn’t make it, I hope we will see you next time.

Here’s a recap and our general plans for the future:

After we made quick introductions, we talked about our current projects and expectation of the Meetup. It’s clear that most of us want to have a community of fellow makers, with whom we can discuss, confirm, get feedback on our ideas and projects. A place where we can also share our knowledge and experiences through talks and workshops.

The other point that came often, is that we are not interested in forming a “quick tips” community and a “quick fixes” culture. But more interested in long term and continues improvements.

For example, our fellow @AlexMartynov is planing to make workshops (with an s 🙂) on productivity.

Another is a series of talks about how we make products – from different perspectives. @victoryofgoliath which is more on the side of design, wants to share with us, how he makes products without having to rely on programming. On the other spectrum, @Motaki will be talking about how he makes products, from paper sketches to code.

(More on those talks in the upcoming days).

Those won’t be an And-They-Lived-Happily-Ever-After kind of talks. Where the speaker shares with us, how they do something, in a fixed point in time. But will be recurrent talks. Where the speakers keep us updated on their latests discoveries and improvements of strategies and tools.

Finally, we will organize this meetup once a month (for the moment). The first one was in 27th of April, the next will be on the 25th of May. (We will stick to the last Saturday of the month).

Here's the Facebook event, please make sure to save it in your calendars. We hope we will see you there, next time.


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    Thanks Motaki for this summary. It was really pleasure to talk about side projects with you guys. I persnally with other makers would join us and discuss not just business models, marketing, growth hacking but also other perspectives on challenges being a maker. Join us!

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