April 4, 2019

(Pre) Launch checklists?

Darko Kolev @KolevDarko

I'm getting ready to go from beta to official version with my project LifeHQ next week.
So far my launch checklist is this:

  1. Inform email subscribers about launch few days before
  2. Inform them on the day of the launch
  3. Post to IndieHackers
  4. Post to ProductHunt
  5. Post on social media profiles

I was wondering if I'm missing something.
What else are you guys doing on launch day, or the week before that?


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    HackerNews (ShowHN) and Reddit (r/SideProject or others more related to your project) can be a good solution too. Medium also if you can write interesting content about how you built your product or why.

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      Very good suggestions! Those are the ones I also used. For Reddit I shadowed some founders of similar apps and found a few important subreddits based on the reactions of their posts.

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      Oh yeah, I forgot about Reddit, it's also full of enthusiast just like Indie Hackers. Thanks.

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    Might want to post to betalist if your product fits their audience. Best to submit a bit before, otherwise you have to pay.

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      I already did that when I launched the beta version.
      I got some subscribers from there it wasn't bad.

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        Very nice do you have any numbers for it such as views and subs?

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          I got around 200 subs in the first few days, it's not a lot but it was good enough for my personal validation. That people are interested in the problem that I'm solving at least.
          But also after those first few days, every day I get 1 or 2 more subscribers, most of them come from BetaList

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            200 is amazing.

            Product looks great. Have you thought about integrating 411 from The one thing. Just reread it and got some useful insights from it. Not all todos on a todo list are created equally.

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              Oh hey, thanks for the suggestion. I haven't heard of 411 before.
              I'm downloading the document right now.

              Hey you seem to have experience in the same field, productivity, focus etc.
              If you have any other suggestions or advice or just want to connect you can reach me at [email protected]

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    You might want to write a blog post introducing the product on Medium.

    Also, here's a great blog post with some other ideas for generating traffic: https://nicholeelizabethdemere.com/how-do-i-acquire-saas-customers-answer-by-nikkielizdemere/

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      Yes definitely, thanks for the article as well