April 8, 2019

Pre-launch landing page feedback

Alex Barker @Givhr

Our team recently launched our pre-launch landing page to start getting sign-ups for our Slack integration Givhr.

I would love some feedback on our current site and how to improve it. Thank you!


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    My 2 cents:

    • Missing a ton of information, I have no idea what this does, why I should use it or even bother trying.
    • Talks about pricing right away, big turn off.
    • Vague headline
    • Value proposition paragraph vague, not clear why I should care

    Generally speaking, I just don't see why I should care about giveaways in Slack, why I can't use some other tool and just post a link and what makes your service better. The page looks really beta and makes me want to leave right away. The graphic does not help.

    Best to ya!

    1. 1

      I really appreciate your honest feedback Gene! I am glad you noticed that there is a lot of information missing because there totally is. We are still a few months (at least) out from any type of Beta so our landing page hasn't gotten the love it deserves.

      Your feedback about pricing is great. I had never thought about that coming across as a turn off.

      We will work on making our value proposition more clear so people know why they should take a chance on us compared to other giveaway/survey software on the market.

      Thanks again!

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