Ideas and Validation August 5, 2020

Pre-launch landing page - how to drive up numbers?

I built my landing page in Kartra and launched it today. I've set myself a goal to get 500 email addresses. CyberPie is aimed at the entrepreneur and small business owner - it's like the couch to 5km for security awareness training with a toolkit thrown in.

I would welcome your feedback and any ideas that might have worked for you if you've done something similar. Thanks!

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    i would suggest to add a description of what you do as first thing a person see when landing on the page, it took me more then 30sec to understand that

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    Hello - congrats on the landing page.

    I would first caution against optimizing for, or putting much stock into pre-registrations. It's sort of a vanity metric imo and I don't think is necessarily that important.

    In my experience, the conversion rate is quite low, most people will have forgotten they sign up, and likely will have already found a product in the meantime. It's great to have an audience, sure, but more important is connecting directly with prospective users and doing interviews when you are pre-product, and getting users actually using the product/giving feedback when you have your MVP. Do this by spending time in the places your prospective users hang out, have them take surveys, follow up on those with user interviews, create content related to your product so they find you that way, etc.

    Having said that - Betalist and PH Ship's paid upcoming feature will get you most of the way there for sign-ups.

    Here's some other things that worked well for us on that front in the pre-launch phase.

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      Matt, really appreciate your reply, and the link - thank you! The feedback about how important personal outreach is great, and I may have underestimated this.
      Vanity signups are just that, but the numbers do help when you're looking for early funding. Thanks again.

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    Hey CyberPie,

    I had exactly the same feeling as Andrew. Usually from a landing page you can tell quite a lot about where the entrepreneur is in their validation process. You indeed got a bit eager with getting people to sign up, but they first need to know what they're signing up for! Some services managed to make their landing page incredibly simple (for example through a video); but don't be mistaken: a simple page with a video and a form can take significantly more time than a longer landing page.

    Your messaging is not really revealing your specific niche (a small business is too broad to get started with). Maybe you have something more concrete in mind, but it's not showing on the website. Or you're still looking for that niche.

    I would 100% recommend to go back to step 1: Define your target audience. Validate that they have this problem, and talk to them what kind of solution would work for them.
    From my own experience I know some small businesses that are not at all thinking about cyber security and wouldn't go google it themselves. But I can imagine certain businesses that are highly data driven and don't have the time nor means for a full security offer. Especially if you take the training angle with your solution, you will need people who can dedicate time (and therefore find security sufficiently valuable).

    Maybe you'd be interested in giving my service a try. I help solo entrepreneurs accelerate idea validation to increase startup success. I'm looking for another alpha tester now. Let me know if you're interested!

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      I love this community already - great feedback, thank you. I've taken a look at your website and I'd love to try it out. I'm kicking myself because I've done a lot of validation - I just didn't transfer it to my page! I suppose I was thinking blogs, posts and personal convo's would already have told them what it is and why they need it ... and they would arrive on the page ready to give me their name. I'm an optimist! Let me know what you need from me to become an alpha tester. Thanks

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    We're in totally different industry and tactic, but just want to share my experience as a reference. I started as a way to gain followers while I was building a baking assistant chatbot - so my IG is my landing page. I use FB ads to grow followers and put the link in the bio to capture my audience personas + their email (an optional question at the end). So far I've gotten 240 responses to the survey and only half gave their emails.

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    When I looked at your landing page, it took forever to see what it even does (I would've abandoned it long before I got there). "Couch to 5k for security awareness" doesn't mean anything to me - I think I'm missing some hip lingo everyone is using? haha

    Anyway, on to your main question: I think the advice for growing your list is going to boil down to: Know your target audience well. Find where they are. Post great content and talk about what you're building.

    It's a tough game, and you have to be consistent. Whether it's twitter/social, forums, reddit, or wherever, you're gonna have to really speak to those viewers, and do it a lot.

    Don't forget about cold outreach - sending e-mails or DMs or whatever else to make acquaintances, talk to people, help them out, and show your value 1-on-1.

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      Thank you so much for taking the time to look at it. I was so focused on having my call to action above the fold I moved everything down! Time to put a video in there. Great tips to grow the sign ups! Thank you 😊

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        Yep, there are lots of article around on how to do the outreach effectively (and little hacks to increase growth), but the core message is always the same - actually talk about your stuff, and provide actual value to people in your target.

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