April 24, 2019

Pre-launch Marketing for SaaS - Big ass guide

Hey IndieHackers,

Some time ago I published this guide to pre-launch marketing

I went over a few important points:

  1. How to create a Go To Marketing Roadmap.
  2. How to build a successful pre-launch landing page.
  3. How to start a conversation with your pre-launch audience.
  4. How to get traffic to your pre-launch landing page.
  5. And how to grow your pre-launch email list.

On top of that, I asked 8 startups that have built a pre-launch subscriber base to share their best pre-launch marketing tip with us.

I’ve accompanied each pre-launch marketing tactic in this guide with a real-life mini-case study.

I also shared a few goodies:

📦 Pre-launch landing page template - Photoshop and HTML files
📦 Go To Marketing Roadmap - Google spreadsheet swap file.
📦 List of all ProductHunt upcoming products with 500+ subscribers - Examine the best performing upcoming products and learn from them.

Hope you find it useful!