March 26, 2019

Pre-RailsConf Minneapolis meetup

Bruno Bornsztein @influencekit

Hi! Are you going to #RailsConf in Minneapolis next month? If so, I'd love to meet up ahead of the event. I've found it's always better to get to know a few people ahead of these conferences/events.

If you're local to MSP and planning to be at RailsConf in April, let me know!

UPDATE: We're meeting at 5:30 on April 12 at Dual Citizen Brewing in St. Paul:

(Please let a comment if you'll join us)

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    Ping! Anyone else? ... I'd love to see some other RailsConf attendees there!

  2. 1

    @randomor sounds great! How about April 12 in the evening (5:30pm)?

    1. 1

      Sure. It's a Friday, where should we meet?

      1. 1

        UPDATE: Cancelling this due to weather.

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    Hi Bruno, thanks for organizing. Our company team is going. But I'd love to meet up with other indie hackers before.

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      Hey @randomor! Unfortunately due to the snow today, I think I'm going to call this off ... not a great deal of interest, and I think it's going to be tough driving this afternoon. Let me know if you want to grab coffee sometime next week!

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        yeah it's still not stopping... 😩I'm open next week any day before Thursday. The other option is we can also meetup during the conference.