Pre-Sales page NOT converting. ROAST ME!

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    Instead of the first piece being get access, can you elaborate what I am getting early access to? Without knowing that, I wouldn't give you my email

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      Yeah the H1 is messed up - that was my first "shock" too

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        Hey Sorry for not making it clear guys, this is my actual homepage: https://getspread.io/

        That page is the next page on the customer journey - sorry again for not being clear!!

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          So are people clicking through to this page but not converting or are they not making it past the home page?

          Based on the page you initially listed, I think there are a few things that could be keeping people from converting.

          1. There may be some ambiguity around the offer. Pre-order gives the impression that the product isn't available yet and there is no information about when it will be. This also runs contrary to the idea of exclusive access.

          2. I think you may be leading with the wrong appeal. Exclusivity is a good thing, but I don't think it's the biggest benefit. This type of product isn't a status symbol. It's a solution to a pain point.

          Help people to see the value in the product. A discount, no matter how large won't sway anyone if they don't understand why the product is worth their hard earned money in the first place.

          1. Some of the wording is too negative. For example, "cheapest" has a connotation of low quality. And "unsatisfied" plants the seed that there might be reason to be disappointed. Put it in positive terms.

          Similarly, seeing errors in the screenshot of the dashboard makes it seem as though the solution doesn't always work. Even if this is true, it's not something you want to project when asking for money.

          Best of luck.

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            Sean, thank you so much mate, you are an absolute gem. I've made a few subtle changes you suggested which will hopefully help a load!

            Can't thank you enough for taking the time to do that. Much appreciated again!

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              You're welcome. Hope the changes help!

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          The page is broken on mobile; the word 'transcription' is too wide

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    Your hero screenshot has the following ironic typo in it: "Our AI detetced 6 transcription errors", so that might raise concerns about your error detection?

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      That's actually so funny - thank you for pointing that out hahahah

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    Could this be the first page that a potential customer sees about your product? If so, you're not setting up what it is or does at all, even briefly. Why make the first thing I see an offer when I don't even have a way of evaluating its value to me yet?

    You've got a screenshot of something there on the right, but I have no context for it, and I'm not going to stick around to work it out for myself.

    "Compare our services:" makes it sound like HappyScribe and Rev are also services of yours. How about "How we stack up" (without the colon)?

    Having photos of the people giving testimonials is useful, so don't make them tiny! The actual images you're using there are a decent size, so make good use of them to make that personal connection.

    Too many CTAs at the bottom of the page, including the one that seems to be preset to the most popular package. Confusing. I would put your "100% guaranteed" content nearer the first main ask, with the three product plans. It's at that point potential customers need reassurance.

    If I don't believe what's on the page, I don't see how talking to the founder will change that. Maybe reframe this as being supremely contactable - e.g. "Got a question? Ask our founder directly". Bear in mind that anything like this makes you come across as a very small company, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

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      Hey Jaymie!

      Thank you so much for your advice, I have just changed a load from what you've said - most appreciated! :)

      BTW that isn't the homepage/first landingpage

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        Hey, no problem. I just wondered if you might be cold emailing or something and that's the first thing people saw about the product, but obviously not :o)

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    Hi, conversion depends a lot on how good of a match you're making with identifying with your target consumer.
    I wouldn't be as concerned with asking for opinions how to change, but with testing different copywriting. Do you know what is your target audience? Are you doing A/B testing? When do people leave your page? How long do they stay? Etc... Hope that helps?
    Good luck! :D

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      Thank you so much, that helps loads!!!

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        Do you need any help with this? Do you have anyone with experience already?

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          I have some experience - thank you so much for the offer though!

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    Replying to this page: https://getspread.io/

    It seems like your differentiating feature is the ability to point out likely errors and give the user a chance to correct them; rather than just having the AI take its one best guess and make it final. Is this right? Perhaps your #2 differentiator is the ability to pull out "best" content snippets for social media and other promotion?

    I am assuming your buyer is someone who wants GPT-3 transcription (low cost, speed) but is bothered by the errors and spends a lot of time creating shareable content from long transcripts. So I'd focus on that.

    I think the story here is something like this: "Dave needs accurate, professional transcripts from from his conference to send to attendees and also needs to pull out the highlights for marketing next year's event.

    But the 1st generation GPT-3 transcription programs are not working for Dave. He has to spend hours proofreading and correcting to get a professional transcript he can send out. And then spend more hours looking for the right highlights to use in his marketing.

    Then Dave tries Spread. Every time Spread creates a transcript, it highlights the words it's not sure about so Dave can correct the errors in minutes instead of hours. And Spread pulls out the best highlights, so Dave can get his marketing posts on Twitter and Instagram twice as fast.

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      Those are exactly the product differentiating features I tried to push. Thank you for validating that for me. Most appreciated.

      Thank you for the other suggestions too. I'm deffo gonna include them when I redo that homepage soon!

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    We got 30 subscribers with in 3 weeks with a landing page done in WordPress and Elementor.

    1. Give a clear and precise heading. Your Heading seems not a tempting one.
    2. Elaborate on your product without jargons.
    3. Tell them why they should drop their email, what is the benefit? or why should they buy early?
    4. Finally , don't distract visitors (I'm seeing two CTA, Preorder Access and a Checkout in your page). Even you can remove links that take away visitors to another pages.

    You may check out our landing at www.clapup.me

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      Thanks for the comment!! :)

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        Thank Nafets! We are getting some good feedbacks and interests!

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    I'm not a copywriter or a landing page expert. But I am a page speed expert. I would recommend that you fix it.

    This 731 kB third-party Image from ucarecdn.com is the 10th file loaded by your page. This is an important issue because ucarecdn.com loads before LCP 2.6s and the file size is too big. Hope that helps. You can see the problem here


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      Hey thanks so much for the link and for pointing this out! I didn't even think about it omg!!!

      Thank you again :)

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