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Pre-Sales Pre-Sales Pre-Sales

Has anyone successfully tried pre-sales before even building anything?

I feel like so much time is wasted on products that end up not selling and hear all the time of people who spent months on something without knowing if anyone would buy.

Anyway I'm a sales guy, not a programmer and so I always wonder why people don't pre-sell. I get that it's different but I work in real estate and we pre-sell 30-60% before building a thing.

Anyway, here's an idea. If someone wants to do it I'd happily be a customer. If you want to do it, but don't like sales, let me know, we can partner up and I'll see if I can pre-sell let's say 20 subscriptions (MRR $399) before anything is built.

I pay for monthly and quarterly data on house and apartment sales but the data is so poorly packaged if I want to get something useful out of it I have to spend at least an hour sifting and sorting excel sheets. There's also a bunch of free data I have to go and pull off multiple websites. I'd happily pay say $19.99 a month for a dashboard of the following data:

Time to buy a dwelling index (trailing 6 months)
Residential vacancy rate (choose by suburb)
House price increase (choose by suburb/year over year and quarter over quarter)
Apartment Price increase (choose by suburb/year over year and q o q)

Pull last months sales in a given suburb and sort into a table by bedroom number.

All this data is readily available but it takes hours to pull it and put it in summary format that I and others need.

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    So this is all highly doable given access to the data. I'm assuming the data you pay for is closed, so you would still need to pay for that. How many users do you think there are and what do you currently pay (ballpark figure will do).

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