Prelaunch landing page for art community and marketplace

Hey everyone!

I've been working on a marketplace app where people can buy and sell art. It allows independent artists to make some money from their passion, and art lovers to find interesting new work.

I built this landing page as a way to measure interest and collect waiting list emails ahead of the launch.

I'd love to hear what you guys think :)


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    Hi @oduwa, I think it's brilliant that you've created a prelaunch landing page, great job! It's looking good overall and I've shared some feedback below. I hope it helps and I'm happy to chat through any queries and/or do another review if you like. All the best 😊

    The hero has "Brushwrk" twice (in the upper left and middle right) so I think you could remove the middle right and keep another title here instead - I'd suggest a title in addition to the existing sentence/subtitle which covers what Brushwrk is. It might be worth re-thinking the title and subtitle in terms of what pain point does Brushwrk resolve, and/or why it's different to competitors - I've written an article on writing a powerful headline which might help.

    I think the subscription CTA would be more powerful on your hero (rather than the coming soon app buttons). Of course the app buttons would be best placed on the hero once they're ready but for now it might be more useful for readers to be able to subscribe on the hero itself. Ideally the hero alone will be powerful enough to convince them to subscribe!

    I do believe a simple landing page (with no other sections e.g. features, FAQs, etc.) can be powerful enough to build a subscription list - we did this successfully with the first landing page for everypage. However if you're not seeing sign ups with this page then you may want to include more sections on your page. These sections could cover key features, something about you/why you're creating this or even FAQs with any questions you're already getting or can think up yourself (e.g. which locations will the app be available in). Actually at the moment I don't see an email or any social links for potential customers to ask questions so it might be worth adding at least one form of contact.

    Once you've scoped out your MVP further, it might be useful to have screenshots or a demo video of the app to show how it works. For example, a reader may sign up if they can see how easy it is to buy and/or sell. It may even be worth having 2 landings pages - one for buyers and one for sellers.

    Lastly, I opened this site on my mac and it didn't fit the screen well. This tool might help you with testing how the site looks on different devices.

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      hey krupali, thanks so much for the very detailed feedback! You make some very good points, I definitely agree that the waitlist form would be better off replacing the "coming soon" buttons in the hero. Excited to update the landing page with your feedback!

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        No worries at all, happy to help out :) I look forward to seeing your updated page!

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    I like it, I like the look and feel of the colours on the app. I like how you go straight into what it is too. Nice and simple.

    Hey, buddy, I see you're based in London I'm creating what's app group for IndieHackers in London, send me an email [email protected] with your number and I'll add you onto to it. Good for meeting up and sharing ideas.

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      thanks carlos! i've sent my phone number

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        Awesome will sort it out this weekend

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    It's looking pretty. I don't get the point of gray overlay on images when you hover. It's not clickable so, it's kinda redundant. White text is kinda low contrast, it looked better with dark.

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      thanks for the feedback. You're absolutely right on both points when I think about it!

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