ShowIH January 3, 2021

Prevuely - Customize and control the link previews in your social media posts


Hi all,

to start off the new year, I would like to introduce, a web application I developed during the last month or so. lets you customize and control the link previews in your social media posts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, among others. You can customize the title, description text and the shown image of the preview card as you wish. After entering these and the URL to the original content, provides you with a short link to share that will redirect clickers automatically to your original URL.

The service is completely free to use and requires no registration. If you register, you receive greater control of your prevues, as well as the ability to remove our ad from the redirects by paying a small fee.

Feel free to use the service and comment! Looking forward to any feedback.


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    @aleksif I was actually searching for a tool like this. Great going buddy.

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      Thanks, glad to hear it!

      1. 2

        Hey Aleksi,
        I tried your web app.
        Would like to share some observations - regarding image upload, rendering and overall experience.
        Further, I can offer you some free help to grow your initial user base.
        I lead growth at a Y-Combinator backed startup in edtech space.
        I just wanna help. If you are interested - you can reach out to me on

        Take care.

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