Landing Page Feedback February 3, 2020

Pricing feedback needed on an unlimited content service.

Nigel Washington @NLW

So we recently launched a content writing service called Everscript. The idea for the service is to connect small businesses and startups with a dedicated, handpicked content writer they can work with and request unlimited content from throughout the month.

This content can include eBooks, blog articles, newsletters, press releases and more for a fixed monthly fee of $399 to help company’s and new services generate leads, develop their SEO, and attract customers.

Turnaround time for this service is 1-3 business days so on average you’d be receiving anywhere from 6000-8000 words of content each month from your writer or about 8 tasks completed during the month.

You also have access to unlimited revisions.

I’d love some feedback on our pricing and value proposition. It would really be great and highly appreciated.

Thank you so much!

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    8 tasks per month for the essentials plan is the upper bound of the value. But I doubt that any small businesses would have back-to-back content demand. Also, you should factor in the revision time. My experience with content creators tells me that the revision time can be 1-3 days as well because the first revision is not likely going to be perfect. And there is another downside that I can only have 1 active request. When I'm kicking off my business, I may need a blog post + a press release quickly.

    I think the value of the $399 plan is gonna be difficult to justify. I would have much more flexibility and maybe quality by going after top-rated fiverr/upwork/etc freelancers.

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      Shameless plug here: My service PriceChecks ( runs market research surveys to detect the user-perceived price for a product. Maybe it will help you.

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    Hey Nigel, I've done a video review. Hope it's useful!

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      Hi Olly. I just checked our your video review but it wasn’t of my website. My website url is

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        Hey! Please check the link again. Sorry about that.

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          Hey Olly. Thanks for the feedback. I just watched your video and it really helps a lot.

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    how to you sell this service? there are plenty of freelance writers in upwork, fiverr etc

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    What kind of businesses do you intend to sign up for this service?

    I ask for two reasons:
    1 - unless they see a business like their own, most people are left wondering "yeah but will this work for MY kind of business?" which means you're most likely to lose their interest before you can convert them.
    2 - depending on the audience you are targeting, $399 might be a lot...or it might signal that you're undercharging and the quality will be poor.

    I know how it can feel to "limit" the scope/focus of who you serve, but when you aren't clear about who you're trying to reach, you're making it harder to reach anybody. This analogy really seems to drive it home for a lot of people (even though the article is about a different issue):

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      Although almost anyone with an online presence could benefit from writing content, I intend to sign up SaaS companies that are small who don’t have the resources to hire a full-time content writer.

      I certainly understand what you’re saying. I can see how our service offer might be too vague.

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        Yup! Tune your messaging to be specific to that audience and this gets a LOT better.

        As far as pricing goes, are you targeting consumer or b2b saas? If b2b, I think your intro price point if $399 is fine but I would also consider anchoring it against something like a $999/month option with more concierge and consulting type strategy services . Given that a saas customer lifetime value is likely to be quite high, the roi on targeted content that brings in customers is easy to justify and it’s still a deal compared to having someone in house.

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          Yes, B2B SaaS.

          We have several subscribers right now and the 90% are B2B SaaS companies.

          I appreciate your advice. I’m going to update our messaging to reflect who we truly serve as a content service.

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            Boom! Awesome. Lemme know when you do, happy to give it another set of eyes.