Ideas and Validation April 9, 2019

Pricing table as saas?

Kamban @kambanthemaker

Do you know any hosted solution to configure and use the pricing table? It strikes me that it can be a served as a service with various options to configure.


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    I think this is something like what you are referring to

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      Yeah, it has some nice features!

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    If the pricing table tied to the commerce engine itself then I think you may be on to something.

    [Opinion] Remember you have devs and non devs who are working on product. Any given day of the week there isn't a shortage of work for the devs. Empowering non-devs on team to safely modify things in the payment flow (pricing table, payment form, success message on screen, success email) increases flexibility for that team to test new things about their idea.

    Now the SIZE of the market of people that need that solution may very greatly.

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      Yeah, maybe I need to focus on a single market to start. But anyway, I will not start on it unless I validate the idea. Thanks for the feedback.

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    It could definitely work especially if you are providing more value than simply displaying a pricing grid.

    "Pricing is the easiest lever to move in the fundamental equation of SaaS, since it is the only lever which is entirely within the company's control." - @patio11

    There is a huge amount of leverage if say you can test doubling the price while maintaining customer acquisition at > 50% of the previous price. You just magically generated more revenue for the business.

    Setting the correct price where you capture the precise amount of value your product is providing is extremely difficult and most makers undervalue (which I have done many times).

    So perhaps it should be "Price Optimization as SaaS" rather than just pricing table

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      Thanks, that makes sense.

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    To be honest, there seems to be a lot less willing buyers for such SaaS.

    I don't quite understand where you are getting at, but my take is that if you are targeting companies which has complex pricing simulation/requirement, they will be more likely to go for in-house dev so that they tweak on their own when changes are required.

    Maybe a tip for testing the waters will be creating a free ReactJS library and open sourcing to see how people are using it.

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      Thanks for the feedback, I will have to think!

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    I have come across one, tried to look it up but couldn't find it. It was a bit more advanced and the value was basically as following:

    • Complexer pricing (i.e. enterprise, services, add-ons)
    • Possibility for sales person to create a selection and make that the basis of a proposal
    • Send a link to that set-up for prospects to see.
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    Comecero ( provides you with open source apps you can customize. You can customize pricing tables and A/B test the results. They can reside on your website or act as part of the checkout funnel.

    (disclaimer: I'm a Co-Founder. Glad to answer questions or give you a demo.)

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    I don't think that's a good idea (but its your job to prove me wrong). A pricing table is just a few lines of HTML/CSS.
    So yeah, your service might help people change the features/pricing value, etc, but that's just scratching the surface:
    If you change the price on the landing page, you also need to change your infrastructure to apply this change (subscriptions, features, etc). It also requires to communicate to users (emails, notifications, etc) to let them know about the upcoming changes.

    It's not just a pricing table, it's a whole, interconnected - and very specificly tied to each services - set of functionnalities.

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      Thanks for the feedback, I was just contemplating the idea. I was actually thinking about letting user play with various parameters to see the conversion rate including AB testing.

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        Do not AB test the pricing. That is a good way of upsetting customers.

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