Digital Nomads September 6, 2020

Principals for being a Nomad during COVID.


Curious what the situation is. If things are getting better I'd love to Nomad somewhere in the winter but don't want to do it irresponsibly. What are some guidelines people have been doing in this time

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    I have been traveling since November 1, 2019 and just came back to India from Laos 1 week back. I was in the same hostel for 5 months in Laos, starting with lock-down. That is when I seriously started work on my product full-time. The lock-down in Laos was lifted, but honestly I could not make myself to travel since local life around me had changed.

    I have the privilege of travel + work and I felt this is not the time to continue that. If things did not hit economies so bad I might have traveled, but instead I took the first flight option (which took long time) and came back.

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      Yeah I have moved much either. The worst part is I had just finished a multi-city travel app so its a twofer for me haha. However, very privileged to have a safe place to hide out.

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    Hey Doug - depends on where you are right now, really. If you're based in Europe, there are certainly places where you can go safely. At the very moment, the situation is getting worse in terms of actual (tested) cases, but hospitals are generally still fine. I'd wait a bit to see how this second wave pans out.

    If you're based in the States then... probably to stay in the States somewhere, as it's super hard for you to travel.

    re: being responsible - a lot of countries really depend on tourism, so you don't have to feel bad about going there. Of course, be responsible there, follow quarantine rules etc. - that should be a no-brainer. But other than that, people will be happy to welcome you, especially in places that had to suffer a lot due to very small number of tourists.


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      I'm in Canada, I'm thinking more winter.

      I feel a good metric is - is the country at about the same levels as where your from besides the regular wear mask etc...

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        Yap, totally.

        That probably means you shouldn't fly south on the American continent, but have a look at Southern Europe (Portugal, Greece, Italy, perhaps Spain if they recover). Not sure what your budget is, but I've seen a few people talk about YON living recently - they have a nice location in Sicily which is warm in winter:


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    I feel you!
    Beach resorts pivoting to all-inclusive co-working spaces in 3, 2, 1...

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      I think the Bahamas already did that

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          I know the country is promoting a nomad community with easy to get temp visas so its likely there are some places that are there to support.

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    I'm actually quite curious about this too, and particularly which countries you can still visit. Most countries in SEA seem to be closed for tourists, including digital nomads.

    Any experiences of people who travelled to a different country to work remotely during COVID-times?

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