May 6, 2019

Privacy as a premium feature?

Kevin Burton @burtonator

I'm considering making some features I need for Polar required unless you pay for premium but they're privacy oriented so I'm a little worried about user backlash.

For example, when you save a web page offline, I want to ask the user if it worked on a scale of 0-10 and then save the URL anonymously in our telemetry system along with the rating.

What I was doing was making the first say 50 NOT require this but make it optional.. and after that it's required.

If they want the option to bypass they can go premium for 4.99 per month.


I'm also thinking of giving them the ability to turn off analytics for the same price. $4.99 and they aren't tracked by GA.

I rely on that data to build the product and by not using it they're not "paying" so allowing them to opt out for $4.99 seems fair.


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    Interesting Idea. Although IMHO as a consumer, if I read a product that allowed a subset of users not to be tracked because they paid I would be a bit sketched out, and probably not use it. "Ignorance is bliss" in my case.

    As far as the rating goes, you could allow all users to skip. Then measure the response rate. From past experience, users don't mind giving feedback, either paid or unpaid.

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      One issue is that for users it might be a tacit admission from the site that they're doing something nefarious.

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    I think this is the answer to one of the biggest problems of our time. Whether people can adapt to it or not is another question.

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