May 7, 2019

Privacy policy generators?

Daniel @Danstl

hi guys,

are there any free tools for generating privacy policies for websites?


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    Hi Daniel!

    I personally like this one:

    You can generate custom terms of service and privacy policies for free. It also have paying features.

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    Basecamp: "You're free to use these policies in your own organization under the Creative Commons Attribution license. Edit them. Adapt them to your needs. Share them. Put them to work."

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    A good old open resource ->

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    I looked into in the past. Competitor policies (as long as they account for GDPR) are probably the best place to look though.

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    Shopify has some awesome free tools

    Checkout (there's a button to skip the free shopify trial)

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    Personaly using until I have a ton of users, in this case I create custom ones :P

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    Privacy Policy is almost the same as any websites, so you should copy from a similar site as your concept :)

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      you are right, sorry for the silly question :)

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