Private beta for Notion API: join the waitlist

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    this is great, thanks for sharing @channingallen i'm curious to see how this materializes.

    i've been using integrations for my SaaS (so far Basecamp, Trello, Asana) and it does seem to add a lot of value for users who manage tasks elsewhere but want a standalone CRM with ready-made capabilities.

    i've only used Notion a little bit with a contractor who loves it, i think i'm still wrapping my head around why people like it so much tbh!

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    Thanks for sharing this Channing! Lots of possibilities here integrating aspects of Notion with existing web based enterprise collaborative services.

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    They don't clearly mention the use cases when it is finally out. I'm assuming Notion as a CMS for website/blog would be one and rendering Notion pages as website pages though some people are already doing it.

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      Yes could be embedded within other frameworks such as NextCloud and Pico that already have strong collaborative utilities, for example.

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    Many thanks for sharing, I did it!

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    Good news!
    Maybe it could kill tailored-notion.com ... or give me plenty of ideas?
    Time to pivot!

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    Thank you for sharing! Signed up!

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    Finallyyyyy!!! There’s about to be a wave of new products once this is live.

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    Thanks Channing! Been waiting for this for so LONG! I've been forever eager to integrate Notion to my ai assisted bookmark manager app. 🔥

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    Can someone explain to me what this is for? I would assume developers who want to integrate with or build on top of Notion.

    I can’t imagine a use case for the typical non-developer Notion user... or is there?

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      i can spitball a few non-developer use cases:

      • convert new emails into notion pages/blocks
      • convert new tweets from select twitter accounts into notion pages/blocks
      • duplicate notion pages/blocks regularly (e.g. "daily schedule template" page)
      • etc. etc.
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        I see, thanks. But I would assume that a developer would still need to build these tools for non-developers to use, right?

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          I would assume that a developer would still need to build these tools for non-developers to use, right?

          devil is in the details of what you mean by "non-developers." e.g. if someone can use zapier, they'll be able to produce the automations i talked about. and given that this is the era of no-code (17,000 members!), i suspect a massive number of non-developers will be able to jump right in

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            That makes sense. Thanks!

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