May 21, 2019

Private VPN! Try now for 99cents! What do you think?

Andrei Miulescu @andreimc

Hey guys trying a new campaign for our awesome VPN service! 99cents for the first month, would love some feedback.

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    Just purchased, will let you know soon ;)

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      Thank you :) I’m available on chat and here to answer any questions :)! We are a little bit different than other providers since we don’t write pesky clients we try to keep things minimal and convenient, everything we use is open source and can be audited!

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    Hi there. I use VPNs a lot because I like watching foreign TV shows. My barrier to paying for any tech is very high, and that also goes for VPNs, so I only ever consider options that a) are free, or b) at least offer free trial. I did not notice you having a trial. Also your regular $8 or $9 price is about two times the price of other competitive services.

    My other consideration w.r.t VPNs, is sometimes I have the VPN enabled but the TV channels are smart enough to realize it is a known VPN ip and end up blocking it. Whenever this happens it is irritating but it would be even more if I had paid for a VPN when it doesn't even do what I expect it to do. I am still looking for something that I could actually rely on.

    My primary criteria for choosing VPN is based on which country IPs the provider has available. I do not see that info on your website.

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      Here is what the supported countries are:

      Although I can say Netflix doesn’t work on our VPN since we operate out of data centres and they blanket ban all data Center ips, if you tell me what services you want to use I can double check and make sure they work.

      Also we are not detectable as a VPN and you can get a new IP address with a few clicks.

      Thanks Andrei

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        This is good info, thanks! I will look at this again in more detail.