March 30, 2019

Problem validation -> how?


Hi there,

Anybody got any good in-depth ressources on first time proplem validation methods and interviews?

I have an idea but want to out of the building and validate the underlying problem first :)

Thanks in advance

  • Mike
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    I’ve done lots of cold calling to my target customer. You’d be surprised how many people are willing to listen and give feedback when you can assure them you don’t want money but just FEEDBACK!

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      Same here - cold reaches. Also just asking around at the coworking space and online communities

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    I wonder if there are any services that can do it for you. Say, find your target audience, show them the concept, or idea, and ask their opinion.

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    Find the folks who you believe have the problem, then do some exploratory conversations. Read "The Mom Test" to learn how to ask questions that give you valid responses. If you find out they really have the problem, ask them to walk through their current process they use to solve the problem.

    Pay close attention to what they do, not just what they say. Ask why they're doing the things they're doing, get them talking and storytelling. Pay attention to the words they use, such as, "Then I go over here to this stupid thing." Why is that a stupid thing? What about it makes you feel that way?

    I'm putting a course together on this topic as we speak. I'm an instructor at 2 accelerators in the DC area and have led workshops and provided coaching on this for a decent number of companies.

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      Hi Andrew, thanks, didn't know about the mom test. Great stuff!

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